What Is 76 Dean Street? In Harry & Meghan

by Narendra

What Is 76 Dean Street? In Harry & Meghan The first episode of Harry and Meghan’s documentary, which just came out on Netflix, is about their first date at 76 Dean Street.

Harry & Meghan is a six-part series that looks at how the couple met, fell in love, got married, had two children, and then left the royal family.

It tells their story from their own points of view, starting with how they met on Instagram once Harry saw a video of the former actress using a Snapchat dog filter.

Then Meghan asked if she could look at his feed. They exchanged phone numbers and went on a date at 76 Dean Street. Read on to learn…

What Is 76 Dean Street? In Harry & Meghan

What Is 76 Dean Street? In Harry & Meghan

Soho House has many locations in London. One of them is at 76 Dean Street. Soho House is a private members-only club where “creative thinkers with similar ideas can meet, chill out, have fun, and grow.”

Nick Jones, a British man, started it in 1995 at 40 Greek Street in London’s Soho. Now, there are clubs, hotels, and venues all over the world.

The space at 76 Dean Street is in one of the oldest townhouses in Westminster. Harry and Meghan went there to eat and drink, but there are many other things to do there.

There are several bars, a restaurant, a movie theater, and other meeting and event spaces. It’s a place to meet people, but you have to be a member to go there.

We met at 76 Dean Street

Megan said in the Netflix docuseries that she and Prince Harry went out for drinks in London after talking for a while.

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“We met at 76 Dean Street,” she said, and then she told him that he was late. I couldn’t figure out why he was late.

She thought he was “one of those guys with a big ego” who make girls wait for them, but he was just stuck in traffic.

The royal said he was “freaking out” and walked into the bar looking like a “hot sweaty red ball of mess,” but it went well and they talked for an hour.

“He was so entertaining. Just a breath of fresh air,” Meghan said. “We played like kids together.”

After that, the Suits star called the prince and asked him straight out if he wanted to go to dinner the next night, so they went back to 76 Dean Street.

This time, it was Meghan star who was late and “flustered” because she had spent the whole day at Wimbledon and wanted to go back to her hotel and take a shower.

“You can be late as much as you want, I’m not going anywhere. Harry said, “I want to see you again.”