What Happens To Miho And Changho In Episode 16

by Sourabh

What Happens To Miho And Changho In Episode 16: The last episode of the Korean noir drama Big Mouth, starring Lee Jongsuk and Yoona, aired on September 17. Here’s everything you need to know about the show’s ending.

After keeping people interested for eight weeks, the finale of Big Mouth was a big deal. The noir thriller ended in a way that was typical of its type.

Even though the ending was sad, Big Mouth will be known as one of the best Korean thrillers ever made. This is because it has a great cast and a plot that keeps you interested until the end.

Big Mouth Ending Explained

The last episode of Big Mouth was all about Doha and Changho’s big fight.

Changho wanted to become the mayor of Gucheon and punish Doha according to the law and justice. The other person, on the other hand, had a different corrupt plan. He tried to control the trial and use a fake witness to smear Changho’s name on live TV.

Big Mouth Ending Explained

Miho was Changho’s best friend and biggest supporter. She went to the fish farm where NK Chemical was dumping their radioactive waste water, which gave many people in the area cancer.

Miho recorded the farm owner’s words, and with the help of Kim Soon Tae, she played them on TV to show how dangerous NK Chemicals is.

The scene was also very sad because Miho told Changho that she has stage four blood cancer, which broke Changho’s heart.

Even though the truth about Choi Doha was brought to light, he was still re-elected as mayor of Gucheon.

The trial is also over, and Doha is found “not guilty” because there wasn’t enough evidence.

Miho gets weaker over time and tells Changho that she wants to die in her sleep while holding Changho’s hand as if she is getting her last sleep.

After Doha’s trial, Miho dies in the hospital while holding Changho’s hand. Changho tells her quietly how happy he has been all along.

The death of Miho was the last straw for Changho, so he decides to use the power of “Big Mouse” to punish the bad people.

Doha’s swimming pool is filled with sewage, and Changho goes to tell him that he can’t get away from his fate.

In the final montage, Big Mouse tries to restore law and order by using their power for good, just as Miho said Changho should do.

In the last scene, Changho is seen driving with white Chrysanthemums in his car and thinking about Miho. This could mean that he is going to see where Miho is resting.

Big Mouth Short review

Big Mouth ended after 16 episodes, and it quickly became one of the best thriller dramas to watch if you want suspense, great acting, and a plot with lots of twists and turns.

In addition to Lee Jongsuk, Yoona, and Kim Joo Heon as the main characters, the solid supporting cast, including Yang Kyung Won as Gong Jihoon, Oh Eui Shik as Kim Soon Tae, Kim Dong Won as Gan Soo Chul, Jung Jae Sung as warden Yoon Gab, and Lee Gi Young as Go Ki Kwang, deserves credit for their consistent performances and giving each character a unique shape.

The drama is rated 8.5 on IMDb and 8.8 on My Drama List, which shows that fans all over the world love it.