What happens if I give the Twinned Armor set in Elden Ring

by Narendra

Should I hand over the Twinned Armor set in Elden ring: If you want to keep the Twinned Armor set, you should go to Fia and let her hold you. Finish her quest to open up the secret boss fight with the Lichdragon Fortissax. Give D the broken dagger, then go to Nokron and beat the boss Valiant Gargoyle. Use the coffin in the boss room to teleport to a secret place in Deeproot Depths.

Find and kill the Lichdragon Fortissax boss. You’ll get 90,000 Runes, the Memory of the Lichdragon, and the Death-Prince Mending Rune. With this unique Rune, you can get to the Age of Duskborn ending.

Let’s see what happens if you give D’s brother the set of Twinned Armor.

What happens if I give away the Twinned Armor set

If you give D’s twin in the Siofra Aqueduct the Twinned Armor set, D’s brother will kill Fia. This will keep you from fighting the secret boss fight with the Lichdragon Fortissax. Even if D’s brother kills Fia, you can still finish her story. You give her the Rune of Death to heal herself before he kills her anyway.

Rest at a Site of Grance, reload, and go back to get D’s sword and armor set back. The Twinned Armor and the Inseparable Greatsword will be dropped by D’s brother, and you can pick them up.

Should I give D the twinned armor?

He needs the armor. Note that if you do that, he will wake up from his (no longer) eternal sleep and kill Fia later on in her quest. If you don’t wake him up, he will stay asleep and Fia will live until the end of the game. Fia dies after giving you her Mending Rune, so her death doesn’t change the Duskborn ending.

How do you get twinned armor back?

You can choose to give the armor to D’s twin brother as part of a side quest. If you give him the armor that hasn’t been changed, he’ll move and kill Fia. You will then have to fight him and beat him. When you kill him, you can get the Twinned Armor and the Inseparable Blade back.

What does the twinned armor do Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, Twinned Armor is a type of Chest Armor. Twinned Armor is a piece of armor that is part of the Twinned Set. It shows the twins of gold and silver tied together. Twinned Armor is a piece of armor that the player wears over or around their torso to improve their defense and resistance.

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