What Happened To John Gray? John Gray Condition?

by Narendra

After his wife broke the news that he was admitted to the hospital, the pastor John Gray is receiving an outpouring of prayers from his congregation. This is what ended up happening to him.

Aventer, his wife, took to Instagram in order to explain her husband’s condition while also asking for prayers from her followers.

In addition to that, she shared a photo of herself holding his hand while he was lying in the hospital bed. It is said that the couple has been married for more than ten years.

What Happened To John Gray?

Aventer revealed that her husband, a pastor, had been “feeling different” over the past few weeks and had been taken to the emergency room on Thursday, July 7.

According to the post, he was transferred to the critical care unit (CCU) with “A saddle Pulmonary Embolism in the pulmonary artery and more lung blood clots.”

According to Health Line, a saddle pulmonary embolism, also known as a SPE, is a blockage that occurs in one of the arteries of the lungs.

“The Saddle PE is currently in a position that, should it move in any way, could result in the loss of his life.” The post by Aventer provides further explanation, stating, “The clot burden is severe, and only God is holding it in place.”

Pastor’s Wife Explains The Severity Of His Condition

Because Aventer believes that her husband’s condition is grave, she is asking for assistance and prayers from those around her.

“Due to the pressure that is now on the heart,” she explained, “John will need to undergo two different types of surgery within the next 24 hours.” He is being held in the CCU at this time.

She went on to say that she discovered this information from the attending physician, who told her that other patients with the same condition as John “have come into the hospital dead.”

John is unable to walk or even move because of the condition he is in.

John Gray Born location, health and more

Birthplace: Cincinnati. John is in charge of Relentless Church. On his official website, it says that he was included in Oprah’s Super Soul 100, which is a list of “100 awkward leaders who are using their voices and talents to make the world a better place.”

When people heard about his health, they prayed for him to get better quickly.

“Sister, God has ALREADY fixed and healed your husband… God’s grace, your faith, and our prayers! “Praying and praying!” one person wrote in response to Aventer’s post.

“Sending prayers, strength, and love to John and you, my sister!” wrote someone else.

“Praying for a full recovery for you and your family,” someone else said.