What Happened To Jay Leno? After Motorcycle Accident

by Narendra

What Happened To Jay Leno? After Motorcycle Accident : Jay Leno, an American TV host and comedian, has been having a hard time lately. Jay Leno has been in another car accident, so let’s find out what happened.

From 1992 to 2009, Jay Leno was the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show. He now has his own stand-up shows and is getting ready to be the main act at Encore Theater on March 31 for the first time. This will be his first show in Las Vegas since his car caught fire in November 2022.

The comedian hasn’t talked about the motorcycle accident right away in public. Mainly because of what happened before, which was all over the news for weeks. But HITC knows for sure what happened to Jay Leno.

What Happened To Jay Leno?

Just a few months after Jay Leno was burned badly when his old car caught fire in his garage on November 12, the fire was put out. People says that Leno has been through the wars again after he said he fell off his motorcycle on January 17 and broke several bones.

A wire strung across a parking lot knocked the 72-year-old off his bike. He broke two ribs, two kneecaps, and a collarbone because of this. The car fan told the Las Vegas Review Journal that he took his 1940 Indian motorcycle out for a test drive. But when he smelled gas leaking, he decided to pull over. He went down an alley and cut through a parking lot to find out what was going on.

Leno told the outlet, “I didn’t know it, but someone had a wire stretched across the parking lot, but there was no flag on it.” Jay didn’t see it until it was too late, and as the bike kept going, it completely knocked him down.

The funny comedian is already back at work, which is a good sign that he is getting better.

What Happened To Jay Leno? After Motorcycle Accident

When Jay was in the motorcycle accident, he had just gotten over the fire in his garage, for which he had to have multiple surgeries on his face and hands to fix the third-degree burns.

In an exclusive interview with NBC, Leno said that he and a friend had been trying to fix the fuel line on his old 1907 White Motor Co. steam-powered car.

Leno got under the car and asked his friend Dave Killackey to “blow some air through the line.” At this point, Jay got gas in his face, which started to burn. Dave pulled him out of the fire and jumped on top of him to put out the flames.

He was taken to the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles after paramedics arrived. Leno’s doctor, Peter Grossman, told NBC News that Leno was treated in a hyperbaric chamber to reduce swelling and improve blood flow as he recovered from the traumatic event.