What Does double Peel Mean? In McDonald Monopoly

by Narendra

What Does double Peel Mean: McDonald’s Monopoly is coming back to the UK in 2022. The annual game started on September 7 and will last for six weeks, until October 18. This gives people in Britain who like fast food a chance to win some amazing prizes.

From free food to cars, trips to electronics, there are a lot of great things to win, and this year it’s easier than ever.

That’s because a new feature called “Double Peel” gives you more chances to collect properties. Here is detail of What Does double Peel Mean? and How To Play Mcdonald’s Monopoly.

What Does double Peel Mean?

When you bank a property in the McDonald’s app, the new “Double Peel” feature lets you peel off another sticker, giving you another chance to win.

What Does double Peel Mean?

After buying your food and peeling off the stickers, all you have to do is go to the McDonald’s UK app and scan the sticker to bank the property.

The app is available for both iOS and Android, and you need to create an account to use it. You also have to be 18 or older to play.

For every property you save, you can peel off an extra virtual sticker without buying more food. This is like getting a free property or an instant win.

Just open an account on the McDonald’s app, scan your property, and press “scan” to bank it. Then, you’ll get a free digital peel, and the app will save your prize.

How To Play Mcdonald’s Monopoly

The goal of the game is to collect all of the properties, just like in the board game. For instance, three yellows or two dark blues.

Items on McDonald’s menu have stickers on them, and you can get them by buying food. When you get all of the cards, you get a prize.

You can save a property in the app when you get one. But the fast-food chain says you should still put the sticker somewhere safe.

There are also a ton of instant win prizes, such as a free meal from McDonald’s once a week for an entire year, a £200 McDonald’s gift card, a McDonald’s bean bag, and an annual subscription to Paramount+.

Other prizes that can be won instantly include an £80 voucher for Go Ape activities, a £50 voucher for Prezzybox, a £30 voucher for I Saw It First, and a GLOSSYBOX beauty box.

Menu Items With Monopoly Stickers

Salad with Chicken and Bacon
Chicken Salad
Chicken Chosen From Among (3 or 5 pieces)
It’s your choice: a McPlant Big Tasty with or without bacon.
Any Flavor to the Max Wrap Chicken Legend (Mayo, BBQ or spicy)
Spicy Chicken McNuggets (6 or 9 pieces)
Spicy Chicken McNuggets Sharebox
Medium or Large Soft Drink
Any product sold under the McCafé Iced brand name
Medium or Large Fries
Mozzarella Dippers
Mozzarella Dippers Cheese Sharebox
McFlurry with a side salad, a veggie bag, or a fruit bag and your choice of Mars or Twix (when sold as part of a medium or large meal)
Drinks of a Different Kind (when sold as part of a medium or large meal)