What Did Howie Mandel Do On Tiktok?

by Narendra

Since his now-deleted Prolapse Video attracted the attention of everyone, Howie Mandel has been the talk of the town on TikTok. However, what exactly did he do that users cannot stop talking about?

Howie, who has over 9.9 million followers on the platform, makes it a point to regularly post videos in an effort to maintain engagement with his audience. On TikTok, the content that is attracting the most attention is typically reaction videos or various filters.

Keeping all of this in mind, the news that Howie had decided to film yet another reaction video did not come as a complete shock. Nonetheless, the material that he selected this time ended up shocking more than a few individuals.

Howie Mandel deleted video on tiktok

Howie posted a photo of a prolapsed anus for his 9.9 million followers to see in a video that he has since removed from the internet.

The comedian can be heard saying throughout the remainder of the video, “This happened when a friend bent over. Is there anyone who knows if this COVID thing is related? And if that’s the case, what can we do to fix it?

The video clip became extremely popular in an extremely short amount of time. People were quick to comment on the same, with many stating that the content was not appropriate for the platform. People were quick to comment on the same. Others, meanwhile, were taken aback by the fact that he was even permitted to upload the picture to his account.

Howie quickly came to the conclusion that he had made a mistake, at which point the comedic character removed the post.

Howie Mandel Fans reaction

Howie has not acknowledged the post that he had made, despite the fact that there are a lot of people who have questions about what he posted and what they saw.

It would appear that the comedian is making an effort to put what had occurred out of his mind as he has returned to posting as usual. One of his more recent posts shows him experimenting with the bald filter on his photo.

Howie is seen using a filter that gives a head massage in another one at the same time. While it’s possible that Howie is considering remaining silent regarding the other content, it seems that fans have been waiting to hear an answer from him regarding this matter.

It looks like the entirety of the question section in his comment section is dedicated to the video that was removed. On the other hand, it would appear that Howie is not going to offer any commentary on the matter in the near future.

Howie Mandel Fans shocked

The content that Howie shared on his social media accounts has left a lot of people in utter disbelief. In point of fact, some of their responses have even been made into memes (one can be seen above).

Despite the fact that Howie uploaded the content to TikTok, the video clip and subsequent discussion made their way to Twitter, where it has since become a topic that is trending on that particular platform.

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