What Channel is ABC on DirecTV

by Narendra

If you have been searching for the channel ABC on DirecTV then odds are high that you love the entertainment and want to watch some of your favorite comedy shows, movies, serials, and more. Right?

Now several users are looking from the United States for what channel is ABC on DirecTV to watch favorite content. But for every different state or city, the channel number is different to watching ABC on DirecTV. So below we have lined up all the states and channel numbers to find out ABC on DirecTV easily.

What Channel Is ABC on DirecTV?

ABC (American broadcasting company ) is one of the popular networks owned by Walt Disney television. On ABC number of peoples loves watching the popular show black-ish along with a million little things.

To date there are number of major shows are on ABC network like :

  1. Grey anatomy
  2. A million little things
  3. Big sky
  4. Queens
  5. Super Bowl XLIX and more.

Directv the broadcast service run ABC channel on different channel numbers on the united states. Its primary competition of it is the dish network.

Nevertheless, let’s look at what channel number you can watch ABC on DirecTV.

United StatesABC Channel Number on DirecTV
New York City, NY7
Los Angeles, CA7
Chicago, IL7
Houston, TX13
Phoenix, AZ15
Philadelphia, PA6
San Antonio, TX12
San Diego, CA10
Dallas, TX8
San Jose, CA7
Austin, TX24
Fort Worth, TX8
San Francisco, CA7
Columbus, OH6
Charlotte, NC9
Seattle, WA4
Washington, DC7
Boston, MA5
Nashville, TN2
Detroit, MI7
Oklahoma City, OK5
Memphis, TN24
Louisville, KY11
Baltimore, MD2
Milwaukee, WI12
Albuquerque, NM7
Tucson, AZ9
Fresno, CA30
Sacramento, CA10
Mesa, AZ15
Atlanta, GA2
Kansas City, MO9
Colorado Springs, CO13
Miami, FL10
Oakland, CA7
Minneapolis, MN5
Arlington, TX8
Tampa, FL28
New Orleans, LA26

Wrapping up

Above we have lined up the united states and the channel number on which you can watch the local ABC channel on DirecTV easily. Now go to channel and enjoy your favorite shows and drama.

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