What Breed Is The Dog In Spy X Family? And Power

by Anchal Thakur

What Breed Is The Dog In Spy X Family? Spy x Family is back, and it’s back with a bang—or rather, a borf. The long-awaited return of the popular anime series finally happened yesterday, when episode 13, the first part of season 1’s second cour, came out.

In the new episode, we learned more about the beautiful white dog we saw at the end of episode 12. This dog can get Anya’s attention and then run away from a group of would-be terrorists with Anya firmly attached to his thick fur.

Now, people want to know what kind of breed this dog is and what his strange, grainy powers are.

What Breed Is The Dog In Spy X Family?

Even though it was never said in the original manga series by Tatsuya Endo, most people think that the dog in Spy x Family is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, also called a Great Pyrenees.

This is the breed that looks most like the dog in Spy x Family. It is a large dog with thick, snow-white fur, a wide muzzle, and often black paws.

What Breed Is The Dog In Spy X Family? And Power

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs come from the French side of the Pyrenees Mountains. They are closely related to the Spanish Pyrenean Mastiff, but they are very different.

The breed is mostly used as a livestock guardian to keep wolves and bears away from farm animals.

Minor spoiler alert: Anya ends up naming her dog “Bond” in Spy x Family because she likes the cartoon character “Bondman.” She would give Bond a black bow tie instead of a regular dog collar, just like the fictional spy James Bond wore bow ties.

Dog In Spy X Family Power

Bond is the name Aya gave to the dog in Spy x Family. He has the power of precognition, which means he can see fluttering glimpses of the future.

These visions can take place anywhere from where he is right now to the other side of the city or even months before they are meant to happen.

He also has a strong sense of smell, even stronger than a normal dog in the show, and he has basic training in fighting, though this will be shown in an upcoming episode of the anime.

Bond got these powers because he was known as Subject 8 in the research project Project Apple, which was run by the previous government of Ostania.

Bond was mistreated very badly by the researchers, who fed him disgusting food and shocked him with high voltage many times.

The terrorist operation that introduced Bond was loosely based on the Soviet Army’s Anti-tank dog program from World War 2, according to the Spy x Family Fandom page.

Here, dogs were trained to carry explosives under German tanks, which were then set off by the Soviets.

Tens of thousands of dogs were killed because of this plan, which often made the dogs afraid of German tanks and make them run back to the Soviet trenches, where they killed the soldiers who had trained them.