Werecoyote Shapeshifter In Teen Wolf Explained

by Kirti Rajput

Werecoyote Shapeshifter In Teen Wolf Explained: Teen Wolf shows that Beacon Hills is home to more shape-shifting creatures than just werewolves, but who are they and what can they do?

In Teen Wolf, there are eight different kinds of shapeshifters. Some of these shapeshifters are shown more often than others because they are more important in the Teen Wolf world. Some of them aren’t as well-known as the werewolf, but they all play important roles in the series.

Teen Wolf’s first shapeshifter who isn’t a werewolf shows up in Season 2. Since then, different kinds of shapeshifters have been seen in Beacon Hills. There are eight different kinds of shapeshifters, from werewolves and kanimas to kitsunes and hellhounds.

A lot of them have powers that are similar, like accelerated healing, super strength, and super speed. However, they all have some very distinct differences that make them different from each other.

Werecoyote Shapeshifter In Teen Wolf Explained

The werecoyote is a shape-shifter in the community of werewolves. In the end, a werecoyote is a lot like a werewolf because they are both dog-like creatures.

Werecoyote Shapeshifter In Teen Wolf Explained

It is a species that is a mix of human and animal parts and can change into a coyote. A roar from an Alpha can also affect the werecoyote.

The first werewolf to be seen in the series is Malia Tate, played by Shelley Hennig. She can’t change back into a human being until Scott uses his “Alpha roar” to help her.

If you are born with the right genes, you can turn into a werecoyote. A werecoyote has teeth, glowing eyes, claws, pointy ears, and hairy sideburns, just like a werewolf.