Wendell And Wild Soundtrack : Latest

by Narendra

Wendell And Wild Soundtrack : Wendell and Wild just started streaming on Netflix, but where can you find the movie’s official soundtrack?

Wendell And Wild Soundtrack

Modern stop-motion movies are so strange that it’s hard to explain, and Netflix’s new Wendell and Wild movie definitely pushes the limits of what modern techniques can do.

Wendell and Wild will be one of the best Halloween movies of 2022. It has a funny story, beautiful visuals, and a great cast of Hollywood A-listers. But the movie’s soundtrack has been a standout for fans all over the world.

So, what songs are on the soundtrack, and where online can you find the full list of songs from Wendell and Wild?

Wendell And Wild Soundtrack

The official soundtrack to the stop-motion movie Wendell and Wild has been released by composer Bruno Coulais as a stand-alone album, which you can get on Amazon Music. Some of the music in the movie is:

  1. Kat and the River
  2. The Soul Jockeys
  3. Raising the Dead
  4. Guilty
  5. Traitor Magic Cream
  6. Parents in the Cemetery
  7. Raul and Kat’s Family
  8. Bring Back the Dead
  9. Super Père Cemetery
  10. Sister Helley
  11. Scream Faire
  12. Manberg
  13. You Saw the Future
  14. A Vision
  15. Say My Name
  16. For Eternity
  17. Kat and Raul Escape and Bearz a Bub
  18. No No No
  19. How is it Possible?
  20. Old Guard House
  21. What About Kat
  22. Raul and the Cream
  23. So Much We Love You
  24. Resurrection
  25. Your Personal Demons
  26. Protecting the Child
  27. Kind of an Expert
  28. Bests and Klaxons
  29. Sculptures and Graves
  30. I Need to Show You Something
  31. The Falling Brick
  32. Bad Things
  33. It’s Time to Test the Cream
  34. Mariana on the Phone