Top 10 Ways To Make Chromebook 2x Faster

by Narendra

Here’re the best ways to make Chromebook faster and smoother to run.

No doubt, Chromebook is one of the best operating systems that come in mid-price segment laptops to run all the programs fast without the use of high-end hardware. But as we use it more and more, install apps and software somewhere the bugs and bad files turned it to slow. But no worry there are plethora of ways to make Chromebook faster as new. So here in this article, we have lined up the best ways after following them your Chromebook work 2x faster as we promise. So no further late let’s begin.

1. Clean Chromebook storage

First thing first, the main reason that most Chromebooks are getting slow is due to little storage left in drive, and that result the operating system can’t perform to the fullest. The simple solution to speed up the Chromebook is either add extra HDD or SSD if not then clean the Chromebook storage by deleting large unused files. You can clean the storage by following steps first go the settings >> Device >> Storage Management. Now clear the storage.

2. Update Chromebook Apps

A second most common reason that Chromebook is working slow is due to users are not keep updating the apps to latest version thereby the bugs and old files do not support the Chromebook and that causes Chromebook slow. So if you want to make Chromebook faster then here I’d recommend you to update all the apps to the latest version so it will also improve chromebook security plus run faster and smoother.

To update Chromebook apps you have to open play store >> Click on Profile Pic >> Manage apps and devices >> Manage >> Update the apps. That’s it.

3. End Tasks

To make Chromebook faster you have to check task manager and find out the application which eats tons of memory without any use. That could be an web app, android app, or system app. So to end that task open task manager by pressing the shortcut key Search + Esc. Now you can see your apps that are running and consuming memory that slow down the Chromebook. Click on that and end the process. That’s it.

4. Update Chrome OS

Are you using old chrome OS? Don’t know, no worry, open settings >> About Chrome OS >> and check for updates. Not updating to the latest Chrome OS is one of the major reasons that Chromebook is functioning slow. The not only latest version of Chrome OS fasts your Chromebook but also provides privacy and security from malware and viruses. So to make Chromebook faster check for latest update.

5. Remove Apps

Removing unused apps on Chromebook is another great way to speed up the Chromebook. Most of the time we install some useless apps on Chromebook that we never use and that results in those apps capturing storage as well as eating memory in the background that slows down the Chromebook. So here I’d recommend you to uninstall apps that you are not using to make your Chromebook laptop faster.

6. Remove Useless Extensions

If you are one who uses tons of chrome extensions to make work easier then let me remind you more extensions will use Chromebook memory in the background and that results slowing down the Chromebook performance. So I’d recommend you to remove unused extensions and free the resources to use.

7. Do not use High End Features

Chromebooks come with some nifty features like virtual desks for multiple workspaces and more. The hidden truth behind the scene is the usage of this feature much of your Chromebook memory and if you are using budget Chromebook then these features surely slow down your Chromebook. For that, to keep faster your Chromebook at any condition I’d recommend you to remove many accounts plus don’t use these features unless you have high-end Chromebook.

8. Reset Chromebook

If you have done lots of things and still nothing works in your case then powerwash Chromebook is another good option you can try. After using this option Chromebook wipe out the bad files and removable data from your device and give your a fresh start to use. Pretty much good thing you can try but make sure to have a backup of files. To reset Chromebook go to settings >> Reset settings >> Click on Reset. That’s it now wait and enjoy a fresh start.

9. Use This Extension

If you tried using slow chrome opening or facing lag while browsing then I’d recommend you to use this extension. The extension helps you to load websites faster but also makes the browsing experience better. The extension will automatically create cache faster and provide smooth experience every time you visit particular website.

10. Limit RAM Usages

If you are one who opens lots of tabs and apps while surfing on the internet then let me remind you if you are using budget Chromebook then this might slow your laptop. All the opened apps and tabs using the resources like CPU and RAM that directly affect the performance of Chromebook and thereby you feel lag. So open only use apps and close it properly before opening another one. Don’t be a power user.

Wrapping Up: Ways to run chromebook smoother and faster

These were some nifty ways that help you to make your budget Chromebook faster than before. The only thing you have to remind is to use as little resources as you can use that result you’ll get better performance plus your Chromebook doesn’t produce heat.

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