8 Ways To Fix High Ping In PUBG Mobile: Ultimate Guide

by Narendra
pubg mobile ping fix

High Ping in PUBG mobile is another most frustrating issue that most gamers faces, it makes gameplay unresponsive and ruins the interest to play another match with friends. Most of us believe that high ping happens due to less speed internet connectivity, but that’s not complete fact. There are multiple reasons behind high ping while playing PUBG, and that not every gamer knows. But don’t worry Here we are going to tell you some tips and complete solution to fix high ping issue in PUBG Mobile, So no Further late, Let’s get started.

Before going to reduce high ping in PUBG mobile, you should need to know about ping, what is ping, and how it works. That helps you to solve some minor issues by yourself. So let me tell you a brief intro of Ping in PUBG.

What Does Ping Mean In PUBG Mobile?

What Does Ping Mean

As you might already know, all the online multiplayer games are runs by using servers, and in the online games there are tons of activity gamer do such as action, firing, walking, and many more. So what happens is your game movement send to the server and then it back again to your game. Now the time it takes sending and receiving data from a server to game is called ping. Now if you are getting high ping that means, your server takes to much time to send and receiving back, and that the reason you get a high ping, that results in unresponsive gameplay. So Now the question arises what to do to lower ping in PUBG mobile. for that read the article completely to solve these problems.

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Fix High Ping Problem In PUBG Mobile 2020

1. Change Server Of PUBG

PUBG presents gamers with multiple options of servers of different locations such as Europe, Asia, America, and more. So that users can manually change it to the best and lowest ping server. But most of us forget to do it. And that result you might be getting high ping. So to get the lowest ping in PUBG, changing server location is the foremost setting that you have to change right now.

Steps to Change PUBG Mobile Server:

Step: 1 Firstly, Go to Lobby or PUBG mobile homescreen.

Step: 2 Now see on the top left side below start match.


Step: 3 Click on map selection option, Now you will see location at the top right corner. Click on that.

pubg lag fix

Step: 4 Pop up window will open, then in first option change for the best server location which have lowest ping.

That’s all you have to do, it surely reduce your ping.

2. Check your wifi, Internet & Device connected

Internet connectivity is also the major issue that causes high ping, you might have fast internet broadband connection but what if your router is connected with so many devices that consuming most of your internet data, overall that means your internet is not well, another reason is your wifi router has less frequency (2.4GHz)to connect with server fast. In that case, I recommend you to go with a new 5GHz router that provides you fast connectivity and long-range.


So If I sum up all those points then the result is you need to check your internet is fast or not, in which you can change a router, disconnect other connected devices from the router, Data pack user choose fast company internet plans. So if you have done all these and now also getting high ping then check out the next tip.

3. Enable Data Saver & Disable Background Auto Sync

No doubt, In our smartphone there are lots of different apps, that are consuming our data in the background without knowing us, and that cause slow internet. For that enabling data saver mode is the best way, to restrict background and unused internet usages. Apart from that, every smartphone especially (Samsung) contains an auto-sync feature in a quick panel layout, make sure you turn off before playing games otherwise various background processes running on that impact on PUBG lagging and give high ping.

data saver to fix ping

Note: To disable auto-sync and enable data saver, you have to go in device setting >> search in the upper bar for this feature you will easily get it.

4. Disable Auto-Updates

To fix high ping & lagging in PUBG mobile, then make sure that auto-updates of your device would be turned off, in android, there are various programs in which by default auto-update turned on, such as google play store, software updates, google photos picture uploading in auto mode, and much more. The auto-update eats memory, data, and space in your device and that result is slow internet, and less RAM and storage that cause lower ping while playing PUBG.

Disable Auto-Updates to fix ping

To-Do that Go to play store >> click on the top left side three dots >> go to settings >> Now choose the third option (Auto Update apps) and select Don’t auto-update apps.

5. Change IP Server

If you follow above all the steps and still getting high ping above 100ms then it might be the problem in your internet server, Sometimes due to heavy load or any other issue, internet server doesn’t work well, for that I recommend you to use the VPN and try changing other location servers, it might help you to get a better ping from previous. Furthermore, there are various free and paid VPN is available in the play store, you can choose any and try changing location.

Change IP Server to fix ping

6. Use Inbuilt Game Booster

Nowadays, every smartphone comes with the game booster, that helps us to play game smooth with high performance, I recommend you to enable game booster in your device that stops your all background activities, calls, and make a stable performance for your running game only. That also a great option you should have to use if you want to get a low ping in PUBG.

Game Booster to fix ping

7. PUBG Repair

To give us support, PUBG have an inbuilt feature named as Repair, If you are getting too much problem like high ping, lagging, or any glitch regarding pubg mobile then PUBG repair feature definitely help you, This feature you will find in the PUBG login page, on the right corner. Here you just have to click on the repair button and after the process it will do like proper reinstall and removes problems if any. So this one is also a great way to reduce your high ping.

PUBG Repair to fix ping

8. Report PUBG

Just like any other apps and games, Here is also the option for reporting PUBG mobile if you having a problem with a game, So If do everything above mentioned then I suggest you to go with report option where you have to describe your problem with PUBG team and they will surely help you in terms of high ping issue in PUBG Mobile or any other glitches.

Report PUBG to fix ping

Wrapping Up: PUBG Mobile High Ping Issue Solved

I hope, your high ping issue while playing PUBG online is fixed now, Just follow above 8 tips and settings and make sure that don’t use any third-party app to increase ping, otherwise, your account might be banned. If your ping issue still not in the range of 100ms then just comment below, Might someone have more tips that help you.


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