Watched All the FC PRO LIVE and Not Received packs EA : Solved

by Narendra

Are you among those who’ve tuned into every FC PRO LIVE and not received your goods? It’s a common issue faced by many fans.

You watch all the matches, get excited, but then realize you haven’t got the rewards you were expecting. This can be really disappointing.

When you dedicate your time to FC PRO LIVE and not received your goods, it’s natural to feel let down. But, don’t worry! We’ll look into why this might be happening and find some solutions for you.

Watched All the FC PRO LIVE and Not Received packs EA: Why?

So, you’ve watched every FC PRO LIVE match, but still, no goods? There could be a few reasons. First, there might be a delay in the system.

These things sometimes take time to process. Or, it’s possible there was a glitch or error in the system that tracks your viewership.

Another reason could be issues with your account or connection during the live streams. Sometimes, if your account isn’t properly linked or if there’s a connection problem, the system might not register that you watched the matches.

Solutions for FC PRO LIVE Rewards Issues

How to Fix It

  1. Check Your Account Details: Make sure your account is properly linked and all details are correct.
  2. Contact Support: Reach out to FC PRO LIVE support team. They can help track down your goods.
  3. Wait a Bit Longer: Sometimes, rewards take a while to process. Give it a little more time.
  4. Check Connectivity: Ensure you have a stable internet connection during live streams.
  5. Update App/Service: If you’re using an app or service to watch, make sure it’s updated.

Remember, these steps are straightforward. With a little patience, you’ll hopefully get your FC PRO LIVE rewards soon!

5 Additional Solutions for Not received packs EA

  1. Link and Relink Accounts: If you’re not receiving goods from FC PRO LIVE, try unlinking and then relinking your EA and Twitch accounts. This process can sometimes refresh the connection and trigger the delivery of your rewards.
  2. Use Companion Apps: Check if you can claim your rewards through companion apps or web apps. Sometimes, these platforms might update your rewards status quicker than the main game.
  3. Watch on Different Platforms: If you’re watching on YouTube and facing issues, switch to Twitch or vice versa. It seems that certain platforms might track and deliver rewards more efficiently.
  4. Claim Rewards Actively on the Platform: On platforms like Twitch, ensure you’re actively claiming the rewards. Sometimes, merely watching isn’t enough; you might need to claim them manually.
  5. Check Specific Stream Segments: Be aware that some rewards might be linked to watching specific parts of the FC PRO LIVE stream. Ensure you’re tuned in at the correct times to qualify for these specific rewards.

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