Warzone Season 4: New maps, Update and more: News

by Narendra

Here is the complete details of All changes for the COD Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune update Warzone Season 4: New maps, Update and more

The Mercenaries of Fortune update for Call of Duty Warzone Season 4, which is coming soon, will add new maps, new gear, new operators, and more to Warzone 2022.

The last Call of Duty Warzone update showed Godzilla and King Kong fighting. This new season isn’t quite as cinematic, but it does add new features and ways to play. The Fortune’s Keep map will replace Rebirth Island and give players a new place to play the Resurgence game mode with friends and strangers.

We’ve also seen that the Pacific Caldera map will be changed in some way, with new locations and even some old ones coming back, as well as changes to the map as a whole, such as new camps, less water, and bunkers that can only be opened with keycards. There is a lot to talk about, so we’ll list everything we know about Call of Duty Warzone Season 4, Mercenaries of Fortune, below.

These Are ALL The NEW WEAPONS In Season 4

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 News

The Mercenaries of Fortune update for Season 4 of Warzone will add the following things to the game:

  • A new map for Resurgence: Fortune’s Keep
  • Changes to Caldera’s layout
  • The return of Storage Town
  • Mercenary Bunkers and Key Cards
  • A new vehicle: The Armoured SUV
  • A new Contract: Black Market Supply Run
  • Golden Plunder Game Mode updates and ATMs
  • Mercenaries of Fortune event
  • New Battle Pass, Operators and weapons

Appropriately, this new season seems to be all about money, wealth, and the pursuit of hard cash more than anything else. The “call of duty” doesn’t seem to be a big part of it. Many of the changes to how the game is played are related to this theme, but at its core, it still looks like Warzone. The core gameplay model of shooting soldiers until there is only one soldier left hasn’t changed much. We’ll talk about the changes below, starting with the one that might be the most important: