Viral Video Shows Woman Crossing Railway Track Seconds Before Trains Arrival

by Ami Dalsania

An IAS officer named Awanish Sharan posted a video of a woman crossing a railroad track just seconds before a train arrived. People criticized the woman for acting too quickly.

Awanish Sharan, an Indian administrative officer, posted a video to Twitter of a woman crossing a railroad track before a train came.

The IAS officer sent the video to the person with the note, “Life is yours. The choice is up to you,”

On the video, you can see the woman throw the bags very quickly to the other side of the track. Even though the train isn’t at the station yet, one family got off in the middle when it stopped. A woman is seen crossing the track in a matter of seconds.

On Tuesday, this video was shared. The IAS officer who posted the video asked people not to do things that are so dangerous. Many people have watched the video, and some of them have said bad things about the woman.

One person who left a comment on the video called the people in it “Khatron ke khiladi.”