Video De Julian En La Funeraria : New

by Ami Dalsania

Video De Julian En La Funeraria: Julián Figueroa, Joan Sebastian’s 27-year-old son, was about to die, and this day has caused a lot of anger on social media because it was revealed that a video of the singer’s body had been sold by the funeral home where the body was cremated.

Last Sunday night, it was reported that Julián Figueroa had died from a myocardial infarction while he was in his room in his home south of Mexico City. This was a shocking event that shocked many people. not just from the media but also from everyone who follows famous people.

Video De Julian En La Funeraria

They sell and change video of Julián Figueroa’s dead body in a funeral home.

With a statement on social media, Maribel Guardia said goodbye and explained how Julián Figueroa died, since there had been a lot of talk about it.

She also asked people to respect his privacy, since the funeral services were only for close friends and family of Joan Sebastia’s son and his mother. However, it has been said that the funeral home sold and leaked a video of the young man acting inappropriately.

During a live broadcast by journalist Flor Rubio, one of the reporters said that there was a leaked video of Julian Figueroa’s body, which was sold by the same funeral home where the son’s funeral was held. of Joan Sebastian, which made a lot of people angry on social networks and in the media, especially.

“A little while ago, they showed me the video where, well, it leaks from the funeral home and you can see his ‘white’ face,” was how Gabriel Cuevas described the footage sold by the venue. However, Flor Rubio and some members of Venga la Alegra stopped the reporter because what he was saying was wrong.

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