Vial Of Moonwell Water Stuck Bug : Solved

by Kirti Rajput

Vial Of Moonwell Water Stuck: Embark on an adventure in World of Warcraft, where druids wield the mystical Vial of Moonwell Water to access the enigmatic Emerald Dream and unleash powerful abilities.

This invaluable item, however, has caused some players distress as they find the Vial getting stuck, hindering their journey. In this guide, we explore the reasons behind this issue and offer potential fixes to help players overcome the Vial of Moonwell Water bug.

The Vial of Moonwell Water

The Vial of Moonwell Water, a glass container brimming with the enchanted waters of a Moonwell, holds significant importance for druids. Its uses extend beyond mere transportation to the Emerald Dream, including healing the wounded, purifying corrupted land, and enhancing druid spells. The quest “To The Hills” emphasizes the need to fill the Vial, marking a pivotal moment in a druid’s journey.

Causes of Vial of Moonwell Water Stuck

Understanding the origins of the Vial of Moonwell Water getting stuck is crucial for effective problem-solving. Several factors can contribute to this issue:

1. Accidental Deletion

Players may inadvertently delete the Vial while managing their inventory, leading to its disappearance.

2. Storage Bag Placement

Misplacing the Vial in a storage bag and forgetting about its location within the inventory.

3. Inventory Full Complications

Receiving the item with a full inventory might result in complications, causing the Vial to get stuck.

4. Abandoning Quests

Abandoning quests related to the Vial can create issues, preventing its proper functioning.

5. Bugs in the Game

Inherent bugs within the game may contribute to the Vial getting stuck in the player’s inventory.

6. Server or Connection Issues

Problems with the server or internet connection can interfere with the item’s functionality.

7. Mod Incompatibility

Certain mods may prove incompatible with the Druid Artifact quest, leading to the Vial becoming stuck.

8. Technical Issues

Latency, client-side bugs, or server-side problems can disrupt quest and item functionality.

Fixes for Vial of Moonwell Water Stuck

Addressing the Vial of Moonwell Water issue involves a systematic approach based on potential causes:

1. Accidental Deletion

  • Check the inventory to ensure the Vial is still present.
  • If accidentally deleted, contact Blizzard support for item restoration.
  • Utilize addons like ItemRescuer to prevent accidental deletion.

2. Bug in the Game

  • Restart the game and the device to address minor issues.
  • Keep the game updated with the latest patches.
  • Check Blizzard forums for reports of similar bugs.

3. Mod Incompatibility

  • Disable all mods and attempt to complete the quest.
  • If successful, enable mods one by one to identify the problematic one.
  • Use addons like Mod Manager for mod management and troubleshooting.


Players grappling with the frustration of the Vial of Moonwell Water being stuck should follow the provided fixes based on potential causes. Checking the inventory, addressing accidental deletions, and troubleshooting mod compatibility are key steps in resolving this issue. In persistent cases, reaching out to Blizzard support is recommended for personalized assistance. May your journey in World of Warcraft be free of obstacles as you unlock the secrets of the Vial of Moonwell Water!