Vampire Cookie Cake Order & Recipe, in Cookie Run Kingdom

by Narendra

The v3.10 update for Cookie Run: Kingdom Stories by the Fireplace is here! The update added a lot of cool new features and events, but our favorite is The Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop. Our guide shows you how to make a perfect Vampire Cookie Cake so you can get a 5-heart review.

How to make a perfect Vampire Cookie Cake to get a 5-heart rating

Cookie Run Kingdom just got an update to version 3.10, which adds a lot of new and exciting content. Aside from the Sherbet Cookie and Carol Cookie, there is also the Tower of Sweet Chaos expansion, the Lantern of Friendly Winds event, and our favorite, The Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop.

Here, different Cookies will order a cake from you and tell you what they want. If you pick the right one, you’ll get a 5-heart review.

Most orders are easy to take care of. But some can be hard because players don’t know what to put in their cake. Vampire Cookie’s Cake is especially bad, and players have a hard time giving it 5 hearts.

That’s because he doesn’t like being questioned. So, only ask him once what he wants, or he might take a heart away from your review. So, don’t ask anything else when he says “should be OK-ish.” “OK-ish” in this case means that he wants 4 frosting dollops or toppings or less.

In conclusion, the flavor of his cake needs to match the color he tells you (an “Extreme”), and you need to put 4 or fewer dollops of the same flavor of frosting on it.

And that’s it, you’re done. Remember that he will only give you 4 hearts in his review if you do the cake right but ask him more questions. So, make sure NOT to ask anything in the same order as before. So, this is the end of our guide to “Vampire Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom.”

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