Valorant Ion 2.0 Release Date & Price

by Narendra

Valorant Ion 2.0 Release Date & Price : Here is the Valorant Ion 2.0 collection! Back in 2021, the Ion set of skins and cosmetics for Valorant weapons was released. It was one of Valorant’s most popular collections, so it makes sense that the rest of the guns would get Ion versions.

Riot Games is showing off a new set of Ion gun skins for Vandal, Ares, Spectre, Frenzy, and Karambit Melee just in time for Act 3 of Episode 5. So, read on to find out everything about Valorant Ion 2.0, like how much it costs, what skins it has, and when it comes out.

Valorant Ion 2.0 Release Date & Price

On Tuesday, October 18th, you’ll be able to buy the Ion 2.0 collection. The exact release time hasn’t been announced yet, but we expect the collection to be added around 6 p.m. CEST, 5 p.m. Once we know more, we will make sure to change the exact times.

When it comes to pricing, each skin is likely to cost the same as Ion Phantom and other Ion skins that are already available, which is 1,775 VP. But these new skins for Ion 2.0 also come in different colors. And if this affects how much they cost, we’ll make sure the article has the right information.

Valorant Ion 2.0 2022 Latest Skins

Riot Games has said that the Ion 2022 collection will include five skins for weapons. These are the Melee skins for Ion Vandal, Ares, Spectre, Frenzy, and Karambit. Ion 2.0 Variants will come in Blue/White, Green/Black, and Yellow/Red, in addition to the base model.

The new Ion 2.0 collection can be bought all at once or as separate skins. Lastly, we’ll make sure to add more pictures to the article as soon as we get them.