Valheim player decides to build a tiny house as a challenge

by Anchal Thakur

An experienced Valheim player accepts the challenge of constructing a miniature house through the use of the game’s build menu and completes the task in less than half an hour.

In a game like Valheim, where there are so many different things to do, players tend to form groups based on what they’re most interested in. A good example of this is the combat specialist, a player whose sole focus is on the game’s battles.

Some miners and craftspeople are only interested in finding the rarest materials so that they can make legendary gear. Other players’ primary goal is to construct the most impressive, bizarre, and extraordinary monuments and works of art possible within the game world.

Player Builds Tiny Home in the Valheim

One of these builders, Mythic Builds, a YouTuber, has accepted the Tiny Home Challenge, in which participants are tasked with designing and constructing the tiniest house possible using as much creativity as they can muster. There are guidelines to follow in every competition.

There is to be absolutely no digging done. The ground floor must be 3×4 standard floor tiles (6×8 meters), fireplaces are permitted to extend into an external alcove, an additional floor is permitted, which may jetty out to a 4×5 floor space, and materials are restricted to the game stage.

The ground floor must be 3×4 standard floor tiles (6×8 meters). The entire construction process is depicted in the video that can be found below.

Building in creative mode allows viewers to better appreciate the finer points of layers and other details, according to Mythic Builds. Aside from some console commands that allow players to fly and repair indefinitely without the need for a workbench nearby and even instantly kill any enemies that come by, there is no official creative mode in Valheim.

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