Valentine’s Day Event In Merge Mansion

by Anchal Thakur

Valentine’s Day Event In Merge Mansion: We will talk about when the event will start and what you can expect to see in it, both in terms of story and game play. Let’s dive in!

Valentine Day Event In Merge Mansion

The Merge House of 2023 The Valentine’s Day event will start on February 3, but we don’t know when it will end as of this writing. Considering how long Valentine’s events have lasted in the past, it will probably last a few weeks.

So, you could say it’s more of a Valentine’s Month thing. All of this starts when the Sweethearts’ Season pass comes out. By combining Valentine-themed items on your main board, you can unlock all kinds of things.

The Pearl of the Board comes next, where you can combine different items to get rewards. The Valentine’s Garage Cleanup is last but not least. There, you can add items from the merge boards to the lines to get even more rewards (and clean up the boards in the process).

That’s pretty much all we know about the Valentine’s Day party at Merge Mansion in 2023. In terms of the story, the official video announcement says that you’ll meet Deb Boulton.

This is Ursula’s older sister, and she is determined to find love. She will throw a ball for all the single, eligible people in Hopewell Bay.

Pearl Wu is putting on the event. She is said to be the best party planner in town. Ursula probably won’t be too happy about a singles’ ball being held in the mansion, so I’m sure shenanigans of some kind will happen.

Even so, we’ll make sure to add more information to this guide when and if it’s needed.