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by Sourabh

When it comes to virtually meeting with co-workers either by video or audio the very first name that comes to mind is zoom. Thanks to this cloud-based video conferencing services that allow us to virtually interact with clients, co-workers, and friends. On top of that, this modern solution for video communication is easily done with smartphone plus laptop that makes zoom the popular video conferencing company.

But there is one question that plethora of zoom users is confusing is what’s the difference between vs Are you also confused with two different web addresses of zoom? If yes, then here we have explained the vs

What’s the difference Vs is one of the reserved domain web addresses by zoom. Most companies do this to protect their ownership plus increase the trust between users. Otherwise, some illegal websites can spam with having a similar zoom address. is the main web address of zoom video conferencing website where anyone can start video meetings after signing up for an account. is mostly used by paid and official companies where the security and features matter the most. Being a subdomain of the majority of private companies share and invite co-workers to this address.

Using this subdomain web address the video conferencing has a lesser cluster of people as a result the quality & performance of video conferencing is much better as compared to web address is mainly available for everyone including individuals, schools, colleges, and medium businesses. provides several benefits to users like easy users interface, compatibility with devices like smartphone & laptops, plus features that is advanced. also comes in paid that provide a much better advantage over free zoom access.

If we talk about the pricing then for every one individual zoom provide free of cost meeting to be held with no of users. But the group meeting has limited time plus the one can’t record the meetings.

But when it comes to zoom pro or zoom business then it cost you from $14 to $20 per month in which user can create personal zoom meeting ID plus can record the meeting for purpose. On top of that this meeting can run as much as 24 hours.

For companies who have to do video conferencing with over 1000 co-workers then zoom enterprise is the best choice one can go.

Wrapping up: VS

So these were the difference between the two web addresses of zoom company. Although both the address is accessible for everyone but for a larger audience zoom redirect us to So I hope your doubt is clear between the US02web.zoom and

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