Unlock Cauldron Lake Box Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2 : Step By Step

by Ekta

Alan Wake 2 is an exciting game filled with mystery and puzzles, and one of these intriguing challenges involves finding a locked box near a mobile home in Cauldron Lake.

This locked box is accompanied by a mysterious note that reads, “Confused? Follow these steps! Wash your hands, take chicken out of the fridge, and take a nap.” To unlock this enigmatic Cauldron Lake box and reveal the coveted Cult Stash, we’re here to guide you to Unlock Cauldron Lake Box Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2.

Steps to Unlock Cauldron Lake Box Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2

To unlock the Cauldron Lake box, you must decipher and follow the instructions provided in the note. Each step is represented by a unique symbol hidden within the game. Let’s break down each step and its corresponding symbol:

Step 1: “Wash Hands” Symbol

  • Begin your journey by entering the trailer located behind the locked box. This area might be a bit dim, so it’s a good idea to turn on your flashlight for better visibility. As you explore the trailer, pay close attention to the kitchen area near the entrance.
  • Here, you’ll discover a distinctive symbol. The appearance of this symbol may vary from playthrough to playthrough, but in your case, it will likely resemble two triangles. These triangles are positioned side by side, with one facing upwards and the other downwards, forming a unique and intriguing pattern.

Step 2: “Take Chicken Out of Fridge” Symbol

  • Your adventure continues as you search for the fridge located next to the kitchen at the entrance of the trailer. The side of the fridge holds the key to the next symbol.
  • This symbol will be similar to the first one, with one major difference. The triangles in this symbol are not placed side by side but are instead stacked on top of one another. The design might leave you wondering about its significance.

Step 3: “Take a Nap” Symbol

  • The final piece of the puzzle awaits you in the next room. Here, you’ll come across a small mattress resting on the floor, creating a cozy spot for a nap.
  • Next to the mattress, below the window, you’ll find the last symbol. This time, it’s yet another set of triangles, but this time they’re facing away from each other, forming a unique and somewhat cryptic pattern.

How to Unlocking the Cauldron Lake Box ?

Now that you’ve unraveled the mystery of all three symbols, it’s time to return to the locked box located outside. Here’s how you can proceed to unlock it and access the Cult Stash:

  • Stand in front of the locked box.
  • Interact with the lock and follow the precise order provided in the note: first, input the symbol representing “Wash Hands,” followed by the symbol denoting “Take Chicken out of Fridge,” and lastly, the symbol that signifies “Take a Nap.”
  • As you enter each symbol in the correct sequence, the lock will respond, and the box will gradually unlock before your eyes. The suspense and anticipation build as you eagerly await the contents of the Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2.


Alan Wake 2 thrills players with its intricate puzzles and mysteries, and the Cauldron Lake box is no exception. With a mysterious note guiding you through the process, you’ve successfully unlocked the box and unveiled the treasures within the Cult Stash.

Keep exploring the world of Alan Wake 2, as it’s filled with more enigmas and adventures waiting to be discovered. Enjoy the journey!

FAQ – Unlocking the Cauldron Lake Box in Alan Wake 2

What is the Cauldron Lake Box in Alan Wake 2?

  • The Cauldron Lake Box is a puzzle in Alan Wake 2, a video game known for its mystery and suspense. To progress in the game, players need to unlock this box by following a series of steps represented by unique symbols.

Do the symbols for unlocking the Cauldron Lake Box change with each playthrough?

  • Yes, the symbols for unlocking the Cauldron Lake Box may vary from playthrough to playthrough. The game offers a dynamic and unpredictable experience, ensuring that the challenge remains fresh and engaging.

What happens after I unlock the Cauldron Lake Box in Alan Wake 2?

  • After successfully unlocking the Cauldron Lake Box by entering the correct symbols in the specified order, you’ll gain access to the Cult Stash. This stash typically contains valuable in-game rewards or items that can enhance your gaming experience.

Is it essential to follow the symbols’ order precisely to unlock the Cauldron Lake Box?

  • Yes, to unlock the Cauldron Lake Box, it’s crucial to enter the symbols in the exact order provided in the mysterious note. Deviating from the sequence may result in an unsuccessful attempt. So, be observant and ensure you follow the instructions carefully. Enjoy the challenge!

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