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by Sourabh

No doubt, Twitch panel is one of the important things that every streamer and gamer should have to use. Not only attractive-looking twitch panel higher the engaging rate for your social media, about us page, donation but also twitch panel let people know better about stream & channel. So if you’re looking for best twitch panel maker or panel templates to make your twitch profile super attractive for visitors then here we have lined up the best twitch panel makers that make your work easy. So no further late, let’s begin.

Before getting started, you might have questions like what should be the best size of twitch panel or how to add twitch panel to channel. No worry.

Twitch Panel Size & How to add twitch panel to channel

Firstly, for twitch panel the size must be under 2.9 MB plus make sure the size is not large then 320px wide and 300px high. Otherwise, it will not look attractive plus the text should be large to clear.

So after taking care of size now to add twitch panel to channel you have to visit to twitch then open your profile >> channel >> about >> now you can start editing panel. That’s it.

Now all thing is clear, let’s check out the best twitch panel websites.

1. Nerd or Die

If you want best twitch panel maker & panel templates then you can’t go wrong with nerd or die. Here it provides everything you want from beautiful twitch panel editing to templates, full live stream package, free twitch panels, overlays, alerts sound effects, and much more to make live streaming super awesome. Several top streamers recommend using nerd or die to make a free twitch panel.

The good thing is nerd or die provides editing to the best, you can customize the panel as you want. Although all the items are not free some advanced & great quality templates are paid so, choose wisely.

To create twitch panel on nerd or die then just follow below steps:

1. Go to the nerd or die website and click on top menu resources.

2. Now as you have opened resources, scroll down and look for free twitch panels. Click on that.

3. After that, now you can easily customize & create an attractive twitch panel for your streaming.

2. Canva

Canva is another best twitch panels maker that you can consider. Here you’ll get 20+ twitch templates and the good thing is you can customize with great editing tools. You can change panel design, fonts, colors, add icons, photos, and much more. Being the best graphic editor canvas has tons of premium options to enhance your twitch panel.

When it comes to editing UI then it’s fantastic, this clean and simple interface lets you do whatever you want. For free of cost and easy to use canvas provides the best twitch panel templates.

To access twitch panel templates on canva website you have to visit site and search twitch panel, now just select panel and start editing as you want.

3. Visual by Impulse

Next up, we have the simplest twitch panel editing tool that provides you to make your own favorite twitch panel with editing. Although there is no twitch panel template available but thanks to pretty good editing tool that make the work good. The only downside is you can’t beat premium twitch panels.

To create twitch panel in visual by impulse you have to visit site >> tools menu >> select panel maker option.

Now you’ll get an editing workspace where you can change color, design, font, size, and more to make twitch panel great.

4. OWN3D

If you want tons of twitch panel templates that deliver stunning looks to your streaming then OWN3D is best platform to go. Although this is paid website but here it will promise to give your favorite twitch panel template. The only downside is that the own3d doesn’t provide editing like above counterpart, here you can only buy and sell panels.

Aside from twitch panels here, you can also buy emotes, badges, icons, wallpapers for discord, streamlabs, twitch, and more streaming platform.

Pretty good platform for professional streamers to buy some good-looking twitch panel templates and edit to make it super best.

To download twitch panel template you have to visit OWN3D, then in overlay and design menu go to panel option.

Now just choose your twitch panel template and complete the payment process.

5. Twitch Extensions

Twitch extensions are also the good part you can try to add your social media profile directly to the twitch profile. Some best twitch extensions for panels allows us to add social profiles in great ways like OWN3D design panel extension, Twitter timeline, My Instagram, and stream elements leaderboards.

To add twitch extension you have to visit channel >> about >> edit panels >> extension panel >> Extension manager >> Discovery tab to select extensions >> Install.

Wrap up: Best Twitch panel template websites

These were some of the best twitch panel makers that brings free and paid templates. Some websites offer to edit to make panels fantastic and some do not. The good thing is that for beginner canva and nerd or die maker is first best choice to pick. Nevertheless, if you want premium quality templates for twitch panels then OWN3D and hiring a freelance is good to go.

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