Not Working? [Solved]

by Narendra

Recently several users have been searching for issues like not working, there is problem loading or error showing cannot connect to tv, and many more. No worry, here in this article we have lined up some of the best ways through which error not working on your hotel tv will be solved. So no further delay let’s begin. not working

No doubt, tv. is one of the popular media streaming services that partnered with 1000+ hotels where people who stay in room can easily access and watch shows, movies, live streaming, Netflix, and much more.

To start watching shows on tv you just have to sign in on the hotel tv and here you go to access some of the premium content free of cost on But several people reported that while trying to sign up for an account not working or can’t have access.

Solutions why not working

1. Check Connectivity

The very first thing you have to do is by checking the wifi installed in a hotel working fine or not. You can also ask the hotel manager or staff to get the wifi name and password to connect the hotel tv and start connecting to the

The reason for not working for many users is because they are trying to connect the wifi through their mobile hotspot and that result in the connection is not that stable and getting issue. So either ask or get the wifi password and connect it perfectly and check is working or not.

2. VPN

Another reason for getting errors while accessing is the hotel smart tv is using VPN service. Most of the time VPN also causes problems to not being connected with the proper server and we are not able to see anything. So to solve problem I’d recommend you to disable VPN service for a while from tv by searching VPN on apps or you can also ask hotel manager to do that for you.

3. Server Down

If you are still not able to connect with then it might be server issue that happens with everyone. Either the website server causing problem or your hotel tv having problem. So for solution, you can wait and turn on and off the tv and look is working if not then use different browser and try connecting to

4. Check Cables

If still not working then I’d recommend you to check some of the important things like first, wifi is it working fine? if yes then remove tv cables and plug it back, restart the tv, check other room tv and visit is it working there? If yes then it might be a problem with your room tv.

Wrapping up: not working

These were some of the best solutions which will solve your not working issues, most of the time service outages or wifi causing problem so first check that and use this premium service without any problem.


How do I connect my marriott tv to wifi ?

To connect with hotel wifi to your tv, you need wifi name and password, you can ask to staff and now go to wifi icon on tv and look for name of hotel wifi. Now click on that and enter password. That’s it.

Why is not working

There might be several reasons for connecting services properly we have listed above in this article some of the proven solutions that you can consider and solve.

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