Best Tumblr Alternatives [New]

by Narendra

Medium, mastodon, and more. Here’re the best Tumblr alternatives you can try.

Finding Tumblr alternatives is the best choice to enhance your writing skill on other more microblogging sites, That gives you more online presence in 2021, and helps to increase follower who loves your writing skill and make a strong connection throughout many social networks.

Apart from Tumblr, there are plethora of other best Tumblr alternatives are available which also gives you space to write your words, and experience the fellowship through those networks too, for that.

Here in this article I will tell you those best Tumblr alternatives which work really well like Tumblr, you should give a chance to make more online presence through your writing.

1. Medium

Here is the first best Tumblr alternative Launched in 2012, it became the major platform for reading and writing blogs and sharing information with a huge majority of people, while using medium as a platform you can read new articles of various different categories.

And with that, you can also share some of your articles too on your favorite niche, as a Tumblr alternative, medium is much better website to show your writing skill in between millions of active users, with insightful writer communities through which you can enhance your writing skills.

Medium: Well-known best tumblr alternative


  • Best website for writers and readers.
  • It contains various niches for writing and reading articles.
  • Simple and elegant user interface.
  • Highly popular and has millions of active users.


  • It does not give you a personal domain address.
  • Great content only gives visibility.

Platforms: Windows /Android / iOS (Free)

Launched In: 2012

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2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another best Tumblr replacement to share your professional and knowledge full information with many connections as you get connected, just like Tumblr here also you can do all the things to make a post like sharing links, editing posts, making a connection, sharing photos, videos and much more.

If you truly looking for a platform where your information is valued by lots of educated people then Linkedln is the best Tumblr replacement which has a great user interface and design look as Tumblr.

 LinkedIn: Professional best tumblr alternative


  • Get connect with professional people.
  • Share valuable blogs, an article that changes people’s lives.
  • Better communicating with other peoples.
  • Highly efficient to share knowledge.


  • It’s having a professional environment.
  • Only best for a professional workspace.

Platforms: Android / iOS / Windows (Free)

Launched in: 2003

3. Reddit

Reddit is another best Tumblr alternative to use, just like Tumblr here you can share the post, discuss ideas on various trending topics. Moreover, you can also share links, upvote the post, and comment, Reddit is the best platform to discuss ideas publically, on the top of Reddit its always show you the trending topics of various niches through which you can share your views on it.

Reddit: Amazing community best tumblr alternative

Just like Tumblr, it has all the features that make it great work, like follow Reddit groups, to get the numerous post related to that just like Tumblr where you follow Tumblr groups. No doubt Reddit is the best option to post anything that comes to your mind and the best site to do microblogging, you should have to try Reddit if you want to try new looks and features.


  • Having more feature then Tumblr.
  • Get trending posts and write blogs related to topics.
  • Share your words publically on trending topics to gain engagement.
  • Useful to share your microblogs post to Reddit.


  • Mostly used to discuss trending topics.
  • Karma points decide the user rating.

Platforms: Android / iOS / Windows (Free)

Launched in: 2005


If you are looking for sharing your blog post with huge communities of people then pillow fort. social is the best platform to do, it’s another best Tumblr like platform to post photos, videos, blogs, and do chatting with users, it’s just like all other social media where you have to follow people and they follow you back, using pillow fort platform you can express your words with many peoples in new platform. New tumblr alternative


  • Having simple and blogging platform to share words.
  • The home feed is well customized by follows posts.
  • Easy to create a post with having all options.


  • Lesser users knows about pillow fort as compare to Tumblr.
  • Having fewer designs and features.

Platforms: Windows, Android (Free)

Launched in: 2016

5. Mastodon

Mastodon is another best Tumblr alternative if you are looking for doing microblogging up to 500 words, using mastodon you can do it easily, using this platform you can share your words on related topics by the option of toot.

Mastodon blogging platform has all the needed feature that you need you can also reply to someone post and for a better home feed article, you can choose your countries, follow the topics of your favorite niche, and people to also show them your blog post and share your view, you should have to try if you want something new.

Mastodon: Trending tumblr alternative


  • Simple and easy to post.
  • Federated timeline and local timeline option to see newsfeed.
  • Share your post in between many people and get engagement.


  • Not having an attractive look to use
  • It only has 500 words of capacity toot.

Platforms: Android / Windows (Free)

Launched in: 2016

6. Gab Social

Looking for the best exact replacement for Tumblr, here it is gab social which works almost same as Tumblr its a perfect Tumblr like platform you can use, the only difference between in user base and their design look which makes it different, here in gab social you can do pretty much stuff like write blog use hashtags, follow great niches you like and spread your words to global people, if you want to increase online presence of your blog post then gab social is another best alternative of Tumblr you should have to use.

Gab Social: Best Tumblr Replacement


  • Having all great feature as Tumblr.
  • Fast and simple to use.
  • Write great content and increase followers.
  • Interact with various global posts.


  • Not much popular as Tumblr.
  • Not much attractive User interface as Tumblr.

Platforms: Android / iOS / Windows (Free)

Launched in: 2016

7. WordPress

WordPress is the best platform for those who really like writing long blog posts and sharing their knowledge with several people, then WordPress platform is best for you, WordPress gives you various features and advanced options through which you can do various works on writing and take your writing works as a career if your writing as a hobby then no doubt you should have to write on WordPress and make the better blog which can help global people.

Wordpress: Most popular creators platform


  • Best platform for writers enthusiasts.
  • WordPress having almost all feature that makes your blog perfect.
  • Various new things to learn.


  • It only best for writing purposes.
  • It does not show other posts in the feed.
  • There is no news feed to show.

Platforms: Android / iOS / Windows (Free)

Launched In: 2013

8. Typepad

Need a more writing space here is Typepad where you can share your blog post in detail, using Typepad you can read various blogs on different subject and if you can too share your blog in an easy way in free, To show up, your writing skill Typepad is the best way where you can do it, Typepad having simple and user-friendly interface just like Tumblr, you can be called Tumblr alternative that you should have to try.

Typepad: Best Tumblr alternative for creators


  • The best site for write blog posts.
  • A place to interact with various posts.
  • Read and increase information and finds more topics of posts.


  • Typepad is only for writers.
  • No more features like Tumblr
  • Not much is as popular as other social media.

Platforms: Android / iOS / Windows (Free)

Launched In: 1999

9. V.K Social

Here is the social network which allows you to interact with various peoples and write blog post to share with them, it really interesting and perfect matching free Tumblr alternative you can use, V.k social gives you all option as Facebook gives you, Here also you can make friends and then share your blog post with them and make your online visibility more and more, using this platform you can communicate, shares, entertainment, business and do lots of great works you should have to try v.k social if you want to try new platform of media.

V.K Social: Must try tumblr like platform


  • Best social media alternative tools you can use.
  • Best way to share your blog post with peoples.
  • Multifeatured platforms.


  • Majorly used in foreign countries.
  • Communicating is major work done on Vk social.

Platforms: Android / iOS (Free)

Launched in: 2006

10. Blogger

Here is the last free Tumblr alternative to wrapping up the list. Blogger is the google launched application which is the best place for bloggers and writer who is interested to write and show up their skills on global, using blogger you can do various task and make your online presence easily, In the blogger, it gives you the free themes option to choose and make blogger website and customize as you want in free. If you really like writing and finding a place to write and share your information to the globe then blogger is the best place (free of cost).

Blogger: Best place for blogging


  • Free of cost to share a blog post with various themes.
  • Easy to customize and use.
  • Tons of features you can use in blogger for writing.


  • You should have to index on google to get traffic.
  • WIthout sharing no one know your post.
  • Only best for writing people.

Platforms: Android / iOS/ Windows (Free)

Launched In: 1999

Question related to Tumblr

Q.1 Is tumblr dead in 2021?

Ans: No, still in 2022 Tumblr is a favorite to plethora of users and it has large popularity, although some other social networks capture a huge market share of it that is listed above.

Wrapping Up: Best Tumblr Alternatives

In the replacement of Tumblr, we’ve included 10 best Tumblr alternatives that you can use, all those alternatives having various features and cons that make the application different, I personally use Tumblr for writing the post and sharing the blog to make a global presence.

In the list of 10 best free Tumblr alternatives which one you are going to use, feel free to tell me in the comments section.

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