Tricorner Island Fast Travel Drone Location in Gotham Knights

by Narendra

Tricorner Island Fast Travel Drone Location in Gotham Knights: Fast travel has always been one of the most important ways to get around in games with this system. But in many games, you have to unlock fast travel before you can use it.

Some games don’t let you do this until you get to a certain point in the story, while others make you do certain things in the game first.

For example, in Gotham Knights, you have to scan drones to unlock fast travel in that area. In this guide, we’ll look at Tricorner Island in Gotham Knights and explain how to get fast travel to that place.

Tricorner Island Fast Travel Drone Location in Gotham Knights

Gotham is a big  city with many places you can go to complete missions and challenges. Tricorner Island is one of these. You need to find and scan two Security Drones in this area before you can use Fast Travel to get there.

The problem is that they are always flying around, making it hard to get in a good spot from which to scan them. Scanning takes a few seconds, and you have to keep your reticle on the drone during that time. If you don’t pass, you’ll have to start scanning over from the beginning.

We’ve found two great places where you can easily watch the drones as they fly by, which is good news for you. The one on top of a water tower is the first.

Just go to the top and wait for the drone to come close. The second spot is on a big warehouse near the water tower. We were able to scan the other drone from this spot.

In the screenshot gallery below, we’ve marked both of these places. We didn’t look for drones from there, but the top of the cathedral might be another good place.