Toppings For Pure Vanilla Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

by Narendra

Toppings For Pure Vanilla Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom: Pure Vanilla Cookie is one of the most important characters in Cookie Run Kingdom, serving as the leader of the Ancient Heroes and being one of the main protagonists.

Because of his ability to heal teammates from behind enemy lines, he is an exceptionally helpful character, and you will want to make the most of him whenever possible.

You will be able to do exactly that with our Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom guide, and we will describe the best toppings selections and strategies for him here.

Toppings For Pure Vanilla Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

“There are not many Cookies on Earthbread who could inspire hope as much as Pure Vanilla Cookie did,” it says in the game description for Pure Vanilla Cookie.

Toppings For Pure Vanilla Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

He was the perfect embodiment of Cookie’s unwavering kindness and unwavering loyalty. He was born from cream that had been blessed by nature and a fragrant vanilla bean.

Pure Vanilla Cookie made an effort to forgive the perpetrator of the wrongdoing and to heal the wounds of both the cookies and the animals.

Even though he was a skilled user of magic, he would never cast a spell for his own benefit; rather, he would do so for the benefit of others.

The Cookie went on a difficult journey along the Sugar-Free Road. It is unknown what Pure Vanilla Cookie learned through the Trials, but after he emerged from them crowned with a brilliant halo of light, he established the Vanilla Kingdom, which is a place of liberty and education as well as a guidepost for those who are looking for love and peace.

Pure Vanilla Cookie never abandoned his companions, staying by their sides until the very end and fending off the shadows with a warm smile.

As a result, the best toppings for pure vanilla cookies would be either five times as much solid almonds or five times as much swift chocolate.

Because of their improved damage resistance, the Solid Almonds are an essential piece of equipment for a support-focused character like this one.

In addition, the Swift Chocolate reduces the amount of time it takes for Pure Vanilla Cookie’s abilities to cool down, making this possible. You also have the option of going with a combination that creates a more balanced mix, such as three times the amount of swift chocolate and two times the amount of solid almonds.