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by Kirti Rajput

Top g andrew tate: Andrew Tate was born on December 14, 1986. He is a British-American kickboxer and an internet star.

Tate had a good career in kickboxing, and then he became well-known on the internet for how he treated women and what he said about sexual assault and harassment.

Andrew is half-British and half-American because of his father (on his mothers side).

Andrew Tate was a houseguest on Big Brother 17. (UK). He was a skilled Mixed Martial Artist before he joined the competition.

Andrew, a very smart player, came to the game with a great plan. He was found to be a “Other Roommate” who wasn’t a housemate and had to do something to become one. Here is the tiktok Top g andrew tate. How to be Top g andrew tate.

As part of a secret challenge, the public voted for him to temporarily move into the main house as an extra roommate with Ryan Ruckledge.

Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work, and as soon as he and Ryan got into the main house, they started arguing with their roommates about how they were cheating on the game.

After pornographic footage of him hitting a woman was made public, he was kicked out of the house. After he was taken away, it turned out that the woman in the video had agreed to it.

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What Does Andrew Tate Do For Living?

Andrew Tate gets most of his money from the casinos in Romnia and from his online school, Hustlers University.

Andrew Tate also has a YouTube channel and works as a TV producer.

Andrew Tate has more than $100 million in assets.

Andrew Tate asked him what his net worth is in a podcast with Fellas.

Andrew Tate said, “Like I’m even that wealthy. I don’t know, like. $100 million, is that a lot of money?

Here is the full transcript about how much The Fellas made Andrew Tate worth:

“Andrew Tate said, ‘Like I’m not even that rich. I don’t know, like. $100 Million, is that rich?

One of the hosts asks Andrew if he knows what a “decamillionaire” is. A “decamillionaire” has a net worth of more than $10 million.