Top Five games with the highest Premium revenue earned in 2018

by Narendra

Hii!! Guys There is Top Five games with there highest revenues in 2018. We always play games on Android, as well as pc, do you ever think that how much these game companies make a profit. In this article, I will show you the highest revenues that games were made in 2018.

Top 5 Highest Premium revenues Earned in 2018 are Below :

1 Fortnite : –

From the sources and news, it’s totally confirmed that Fortnite is the highest revenue earned game of 2018. Fortnite earned a massive $2.4 billion. Which is the highest from the game company. Fortnite video game played by 200 million players worldwide. It surpasses PUBG in monthly revenue also. Fortnite has 78 million monthly active user that’s huge for a company.

2 Player Unknown’s Battleground:-

Here is a PUBG ( Player Unknown’s Battleground ) game which made $ 1.028 Billion. PUBG defeated by Fortnite and placed at second position in annual report revenues 2018.

PUBG which is played by whole over the world which has 4 million player on Xbox , 28 million players are on PC .

3 FIFA 18 : –

In third place grab by FIFA 18 which is again the most powerful and most interesting game all over the world. If we see game revenues earned in 2018 is $790 million. FIFA 18 played in platforms like PlayStations , Android , Nintendo Switch , Xbox and more.FIFA 18 is football video game in FIFA series .

If we Talk about last year FIFA Sold over 24 million copies. I expect FIFA 19 will continues the popularity of game.

4 Grand Theft Auto V : –

We all know this game is most famous in the worldwide because of its graphic design and its story. If we talk about its revenue it made $628 million and it will vastly increase over the years. and there is no sign of stopping.

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5 Call of Duty : Black Ops IIII : –

In the highest premium revenues call of duty is in 5 positions earned $612 million. In my opinion I mostly like call of duty series which contains beautiful story line with best graphics ever.