Best 5 Gadgets & Gaming Accessories for Gamers

by Sourabh

Best 5 Gadgets & Gaming Accessories for Gamers : Modern gaming is not just an installed game on a computer or console but a whole ecosystem where everyone arranges their place of relaxation.

Gaming is not only a hobby but also a full-fledged culture. A culture for which many different gadgets and accessories have been invented.

Some are intended for the convenience and comfort of the workplace, and some for maintaining health. This article lists the most necessary, not obvious and top things that every gamer needs.

1. Bluetooth Devices

Fortunately or unfortunately, the era of cables has long passed, and thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, their need for devices is no longer necessary.

The only thing cables are needed for is recharging or more precise adjustment of various DPIs, sensors or macros. Fortunately, not all games or using five reel slots require macros, but still. Bluetooth devices solve the problem of bent cables, moments when you run over them with your chair, or they simply get in the way.

Fortunately, the era when such devices were expensive has passed, and even now, you can find budget gaming headphones (e.g. Logitech G435) and mice (Razer Orochi V2). As for keyboards, the price situation is a little different, but if you look, you can find it.

2. Chair : Gaming and Not Only

What could be less obvious than a chair? Everyone has it; if not, many people use anything to sit in front of a computer. But as we know, almost every gamer can play for more than 8 hours straight.

The correct body position and a suitable chair are essential to make it comfortable. This is not just convenience, but above all, health, since such a concept as Gamer’s Neck arose precisely because of the incorrect position of the body and chair.

The ideal solution would be eco-friendly chairs, not primarily marketed to gamers. The familiar and popular Dxracers or Razer chairs look very cool visually.

Still, despite this, their appearance quickly fades away, and health problems (including the back, neck, etc.) only slow down. The final decision is yours, but still take a closer look at more straightforward but no less reliable options. Although a gaming chair gives you skill, you don’t need to sacrifice your health.

3. Multi-Tool

Gaming is about playing games and the quality and proper maintenance of your PC or console. Even though our computers are one of the pinnacles of technology, we must maintain it ourselves after purchase (or pay someone to do it).

For example, measuring thermal paste or cleaning dust. Opening the case cover will not be difficult, but what to do next without tools?

A regular screwdriver, in this case, can only damage the motherboard. A multi-tool designed specifically for gamers will be an indispensable assistant. It is easy to find in any online store, and its benefits will be maximum.

Usually, it stores all the necessary screwdrivers suitable for PC or console components and various additional features, such as a flashlight and a magnet. Sometimes, they use mini air compressors, but if you need one, it is best to take special air dusters for cleaning your PC.

4. Computer Glasses

And again, a device for the health of gamers. Computer glasses are a real salvation not only for the eyes but also for the whole body.

Computer glasses reduce the risk of eye strain when using digital devices, blurred vision, and unnatural postures that can cause neck or back pain.

In addition to a high-quality chair, it wouldn’t hurt to add computer glasses. Fortunately, even if you already wear regular glasses, computer one can use the same lenses as yours + they will protect from all the negative effects of the monitor.

On the downside, these glasses are unsuitable for those who work with graphics colours and for whom various features with colour tones are important.

But such a device will be a good addition if you are an ordinary gamer. It is important to consult with an ophthalmologist in advance because the wrong “device” can lower FPS in real life. They use Monofocal Lenses, which reduce the amount of negative light from a monitor, phone or TV.

5. CableBox

There are no Bluetooth PCs and monitors, so you still need to use cables. In order not to see these rat’s nests of wires under the table and on it, the geniuses of this world came up with a simple but ideal thing – cable boxes. Not everyone likes cable management itself because it is long, tedious and boring. 

Therefore, for such gamers, this box will be an ideal purchase for a long time. But to prevent such an accessory from becoming a Pandora’s Box, choosing a quality product with flame-resistant plastic construction is essential.

Still, we are dealing with electricity, and given the energy consumption of modern PCs and consoles, safety comes first.

Final Words

As stated, the final decision is yours, but in any case, be guided by the rule: Will this be useful for me? If yes, take the time to do research and improve your gaming experience significantly.

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