Timed Items Disappearing Too Fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

by Narendra

Timed Items Disappearing Too Fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley: You can’t open chests because timed items disappear too quickly, long before the music stops. Early access to Disney Dreamlight Valley has been possible for a while now.

Fans all over the world are enjoying their adventures with well-known Disney and Pixar characters, which has made the game a quick hit. But there are a lot of bugs and glitches in Dreamlight Valley.

If you can’t get a chest from timed items in Disney Dreamlight Valley because they disappear too quickly or are too spread out, we might have a few ideas for you.

Timed Items Disappearing Too Fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

These random mini-events have probably happened to you. You are getting something or digging for it. Then, all of a sudden, the things would be all over the place.

The music then gets fast and dramatic. A sign that says you need to get these things as soon as you can. If you get them all before the music stops, a chest will appear, which you can open to get more rewards.

But many players think this is almost impossible to do. The items with a time limit would just go away too soon.

Before the music stops and you can get all of them. Is this something else or a bug? Well, it’s definitely something that developers will need to look into because it seems to be broken right now.

In other words, it looks like coins will only stay until the music stops when you need to collect them as timed items. All other timed things go away even before the music stops.

This makes it nearly impossible to get items in Disney Dreamlight Valley that have a time limit. Still, even though this is likely a bug, we have a few ideas for how to fix it:

Solutions: Timed Items Disappearing

When you finish a timed mini-event, the chest doesn’t always show up right where it should. Find it by looking around.

The things may go farther away. To run faster, make sure to eat well.

If you moved furniture around the village, the game might not know that, and an item might get stuck where there wasn’t any furniture before.

If something falls where you can’t see it, make sure to look around you carefully.