Time Travel Bugs in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Solved

by Narendra

Time Travel Bugs in Disney Dreamlight Valley: When you changed your system time, did Disney Dreamlight Valley not playing? The beautiful-looking Animal Crossing-like adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley has become a huge hit in just a week since it came out.

It turns out that it’s fun to visit different parts of the stories we read as kids and hang out with famous Disney and Pixar characters. But since the game uses real-world time to control things like cooldowns, reset timers, etc., some players have turned to an old trick for going back in time.

Changing the system time seems to completely mess up the game, which is a shame. We explain the Disney Dreamlight Valley Time Travel glitch in this article. And we see if bugs in the way the system changes the time can be fixed.

Time Travel Bugs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Many players have tried to use the way to travel through time in Disney Dreamlight Valley to get around time resets and cooldowns in the real world.

Time Travel Bugs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

And instead of helping them deal with their impatience, it has turned into the end of their game. As it is, the real-world change in system time will make your Disney Dreamlight Valley run completely broken and full of bugs.

At the moment, players are reporting many bugs that have to do with this. Things like star pass progress being reset, crops not being able to be harvested, fruit and fish not coming back, and so on.

In the end, time travel causes a series of bugs that will break your game completely. It will stop you from making any more progress and make your run impossible to play.

So, it’s very important that this game doesn’t mess with how the system changes the time.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, don’t try to go back in time. We’ve only heard of one possible solution to this problem so far, which was posted by Reddit user u/Chabb.

They say, “If you fast traveled through time, your resources and the shop won’t change until the date you went to matches the real world.”

So, now you know. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, going back in time is easy and doesn’t affect the game. But here, it will ruin your game. The most likely reason for this is that Disney Dreamlight Valley is a free-to-play game with small purchases.