Tillu Tajpuriya Video Murder in Tihar Jail Leaked 

by Anchal Thakur

Tillu Tajpuriya Video Murder in Tihar Jail Leaked : Sunil Mann’s murder of Tillu Tajpuria in Delhi’s Tihar Jail was caught on CCTV. This video shows Tillu wearing a Tajpuria red tshirt and half pants.

How 7–8 prisoners use a sheet to descend from the prison’s first floor to Tillu’s barrack. First attack inside his barrack.

Tillu escapes Tajpuria barrack to live. Then gang war prisoners kill him over 100 times with a pointed weapon. 7–8 crooks entered at 6:11 am and attacked for 2 minutes. Sewn from face to neck, he died and bled. Please inform that Canadian Goldie Barra committed the murder.

Delhi Tillu Tajpuriya Gangwar: How did Delhi’s Tihar jail murder gangster Sunil Mann aka Tillu Tajpuria? Which gang killed Tillu Tajpuria. Why this gang?

Tihar jail, one of the safest in the country, was attacked by 7-8 prisoners. Tajpuria was stabbed in the chest with the tilu after the iron grill spikes broke. He died. Learn how and why the murder occurred.

Tillu Tajpuriya Murder: Gangster Sunil Mann aka Tillu Tajpuria was killed in a Tihar jail gang war on 2 May. Jitendra Gogi’s murderer Tillu Tajpuria was identified.

Yogesh Tunda, a Tihar gangster of Tillu Tajpuria’s enemy, allegedly attacked him with a small piece of iron. Tillu Tajpuria sustained severe head injuries. He died at Din Dayal Upadhyay Hospital in Delhi.

Tillu Tajpuriya Video Murder in Tihar Jail Leaked 

Tillu Tajpuria Murder: 7-8 prisoners attacked him at 6:11 am. Identified prisoners targeted Tillu Tajpuria. Deepak Pheasant, Yogesh Tunda, Rajesh, and Riyaz Khan attacked Tajpuria with an iron rod. Jitendra Gogi Gang henchmen are informed.

Tillu was on the ground floor of this ward, where they were closed. Prison officials reported a 6:15 am attack. The iron grill was broken, spiked, and attacked.

This attack killed Tillu and severely injured Rohit, a prisoner. Tillu Tajpuria has 11 cases with 3 murders. Tillu Tajpuria and his gang received Makoka in 2018.

Neeraj Bawana, Sunil Rathi Gang, etc. In 2016, Sonipat police arrested Tillu from Rohtak for murder.

His father worked for MCD in Tajpur village, outer Delhi. Both Tillu and Gogi were friends in college, but politics and elections were enemies. In 2008, Tillu joined the criminal world, and the two gangs killed many people. Tillu’s lawyers killed Jitendra Gogi in Rohini court in 2021.

In court, Delhi Police killed two of his operatives. Delhi Police Mexico arrested Jitendra Gogi Gang gangster Deepak Boxer. Gangster Prince Tewatia was murdered in Tihar jail a few days ago.

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