TikTok users say they bought items at Walmart for $0.03

by Narendra

What would you buy at Walmart for 3 cents? TikTok users are showing off new clothes, shoes, and more that they allegedly bought for a discount.

Many on the platform said the store’s sale let them buy items for dirt cheap. The US Sun called it a’secret sale’

Walmart hasn’t announced ‘3 cent items’ yet, but they’re popular on TikTok.

Some TikToks show that the price tag on some products, especially clothes, says one thing, but when they add the item to their shopping cart on the app, they are charged only $0.03.

Walmart’s Claimed “3-cent Items”

Several TikTok users have said that they bought things at Walmart for just $0.03 each. They have even posted videos that show all the things they bought at a discount.

On the receipts they shared, it also says that each item costs just three cents. Some people have even made videos of their phone screens with the Walmart app open, showing items with prices of $0.03 when the real price is much higher.

People are talking about a “secret clearance sale” or “3-cent items,” but Walmart hasn’t officially said anything about them. So, you should call your local store and ask if there is a sale like that before you rush there hoping to get things for just three cents.

Tiktok Users Show Off Their Haul

After seeing a lot of videos on the platform of people getting things for just three cents, many TikTokers ran to the nearest Walmart to take advantage of the supposed deal.

But many people were upset that their purchases didn’t go through because the store they went to didn’t recognize the sale.

Some people have said that Walmart didn’t plan to have the $0.03 sale and that the prices of the items were lowered by accident.

Because of this, a few people had to bring the items back to the checkout counter.

But some people are showing off their huge haul on TikTok because they were able to get some of the items for as little as $0.03 at Walmart.

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