Tiktok Face Split Diving Trend Explained

by Narendra

Tiktok Face Split Diving: Screenshots of a cliff diving accident from the late 2000s that left someone with a “split face” have resurfaced on TikTok, where users are learning about the incident.

Every once in a while, an old video of a cliff dive that went wrong seems to make the rounds on the internet. This has become a kind of dark piece of internet lore.

Even though there doesn’t seem to be any actual video footage of the event on TikTok at the moment, some users are hearing about it for the first time.

Tiktok Face Split Diving Trend Explained

TikTok is a place where a lot of different kinds of online content can go viral, from AI filters to songs about corn.

But sometimes, the most popular things on TikTok aren’t as cute as songs about sweetcorn. A good example of this trend is the “split face diving” clip.

Tiktok Face Split Diving Trend Explained

Most videos that are part of the “face split” trend use the same formula. Most of the time, they have a blurry screenshot from the original video set to sad or moody music and a description of what happens in the video.

Some users put links to the original video in their bios so that people can watch it. The most popular search within the trend is “face split guy full video,” which shows that the teasers of the event have caught the attention of many people.

Tiktok Face Split Diving Trend

As someone who saw the video a few years ago, I’m glad that it looks like TikTok’s rules have stopped most accounts from actually watching the clip.

Anyone who uses TikTok often knows that the app’s algorithm moves quickly to remove content that it thinks might be inappropriate.

So, people often misspell words on purpose, like writing “die” as “d!3,” or they say in the video description that the footage was uploaded by an adult so that their videos don’t get taken down automatically.

It’s not clear if footage of the split face diving accident has been posted online to TikTok and then immediately deleted, or if users have just not uploaded the footage at all to avoid getting banned from the app.

How To Report Tiktok Videos

TikTok users must do the following to report videos:

Click the white arrow to the right of the video, which is the share button.
Tap the icon that looks like a flag and says “report.”
Tell what’s going on
If you get messages about the trend, don’t respond to them. Instead, you should tell someone right away.