Three Pines Filmed Locations in Canada

by Narendra

Three Pines Filmed Locations in Canada: We all love a good mystery show, and Three Pines, the newest show on Prime Video, looks like it will be just what we need to fill our appetites.

Set in the countryside of Quebec, Canada, the show gives many viewers a much-needed break. Each episode has a fascinating mystery to solve, and there are also lots of beautiful views to look at.

But where exactly did they film Three Pines, and is the village in the show based on a real place?

Three Pines Filmed Locations

The movie Three Pines was shot in Quebec, Canada, near Montreal.

The project’s filming began in August 2021 and went on for four months. It was finished in December of that year.

Three Pines Filmed Locations

The people who made the movie Three Pines used a lot of different places, both in and around the city of Montreal and in the more rural Eastern Townships of Quebec.

The town of Three Pines was filmed in the municipality of Saint-Armand, which is just north of the border between Canada and the United States. In the 2011 census, there were only 1,248 people living there.

Atlas Of Wonders says that Three Pines takes place in many places in Saint-Armand, such as the Notre Dame de Lourdes church, the town’s general store, which became Oliver’s bistro, and the Nelson Masonic Lodge, which became Myrna’s bookstore.

Nearby, on the edge of Missisquoi Bay (or Baie Missisquoi), is the village of Phillipsburg, where the Mohawk people from the show lived.

In the city of Montreal, the Faculty of Law building at the University of Montreal was used as a police station. The small town of Oka, which is southwest of Montreal, is also said to have been used for filming.

Is Three Pines A Real Town?

No, there is no town called Three Pines in Canada.

The author of the Three Pines book series, Louise Penny, lives in the Eastern Townships, which is where the fictional village takes some of its ideas.

The author lives in the village of Knowlton, which has a lot in common with the town where Armand Gamache’s mysteries take place.

As was already said, the small town of Saint-Armand, which is only 33 miles (54 km) from Knowlton, stood in for Three Pines in the Prime Video series.

Where to watch Three Pines Movie

On Friday, December 2, 2022, Amazon Prime Video got Three Pines.

The series, which stars Alfred Molina and is based on the best-selling books by Louise Penny, follows Chief Inspector Armand Gamache as he is sent to the beautiful Quebec village of Three Pines to look into a series of crimes.

Even though the town is in a beautiful and idyllic setting, there have been a number of horrible murders there recently. Gamache and his team must work to win over the strange people who live there in order to find out the dark secrets that lie beneath the surface.

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