Three Hidden Containers Locations Natural Treasure DMZ Mission

by Narendra

Three Hidden Containers Locations Natural Treasure DMZ Mission: In the Tier 3 Black Mous mission “Natural Treasure” in the DMZ, players are asked to look into the attack on the nuclear power plant. Our job is to find the three Hidden Containers in Al Mazrah and take what’s inside them.

To get the Irradiated Drill out of one of the Hidden Containers, we’ll need to know where all three are. In our article, we’ll tell you exactly where these three containers can be found.

Three Hidden Containers Locations Natural Treasure DMZ Mission

First Hidden Container Location

Both the mission description and the task for the first Hidden Containers location say different things. The “Natural Treasure” briefing says that the first one is “west of Taraq, in the oasis near the eastern pond.

The oasis and pond, on the other hand, are right to the east of Taraq. There are three ponds there, and the U-shaped one is the one we’re looking for. The closest pond to Taraq. And the first Hidden Container is right there on that little peninsula. Make sure you get everything out of it.

Second Hidden Container Location

The second Hidden Container is currently on the other side of the river coast to the west of Taraq. There, it’s hidden behind some rocks and palm trees.

It’s easy to miss, so pay close attention. This one should have the Irradiated Drill inside, which you need to get out in order to finish the mission.

Third Hidden Container Location

The third Hidden Container is one of the most difficult to find. It’s not only on the opposite side of the map, but it’s also hidden under the water. South of Hafid port, there are two pieces of land in the water, and the third Hidden Container is between them. It’s hard to find, but you can use the pictures below to figure out where it is.

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