14 Best Third-Party App Stores For iOS & Android

by Narendra
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Hey, are you looking for best Third Party App Stores for iOS and Android ?

Who doesn’t like a third-party app store? And if you can install all the restricted & premium apps for free without any jailbreaking for iOS & Android then there is nothing like it.

Well, that’s what this article is going to represent. We all know the official app store is the best to download any required application but due to various restricted policy, all the apps are not available on it and that’s a result we have to look for the third-party app store that provides us latest banned or restricted apps to download in free of cost. So no further ado let’s jump into the best third party app-stores for iOS and android listed below.

Note: Before moving further to third-party app stores, Let me tell you these apps are not secure as the official, So we are not responsible if anything goes wrong while using these apps. This article is only for educational purposes, Take your responsibility, and proceed further.

Best Third-Party App Stores For iOS & Android

1. Tweak Box

Here is the leading best third party app store for iOS & android in the list that has an ultimate collection of any banned or restricted apps & games from the globe. The app store is free of cost and available for both android and iOS users. Moreover, it’s a newly launched app store so here you will expect some great experience the amazing UI with seamless navigation and our favorite dark mode also.

Furthermore, here in the third-party app store, you will get plenty of cracked and modified versions of premiums apk’s in free of cost. In case you are facing any problem installing the app or not working issue then it also has an official page on Reddit and Twitter where it solves your problem and also you will let know about a more amazing update app list.

Tweak Box third party app store

Apart from that, the best thing that I personally like about tweak box is here you will not have to jailbreak in iOS nor to root any android device. So no worry about that, you can effortlessly install and use tweak box without any restriction.

Download: Tweak Box (Free)

2. Aptoide

Aptoide is another most amazing and modern third-party app store for android users, where you will get all the kind of apps & games for instance beta apps, cracked and modified apps, banned apps, and restricted ones also. The best thing that I like in aptoide is being a free third party app-store still it provides frequent updates of apps, So to get the latest and best working app possible.

You can also said aptoide as an ultimate option and the much better alternate option of google play store without any restriction. Apart from that, if you love to use paid apps and games then here aptoide provide user a huge discount in every paid app with legal procedure and that’s proof aptoide is one of the best third-party app stores in the market, So what are you waiting for just replace your waste app store.

Aptoide third party app store

Download: Aptoide (Free)

3. TUTU App

Not found your favorite app on the above third-party app stores? Looking for a geo-restricted app ? or want premium apps free of cost? Here is the solution for all your problems, “TUTU App“. The app store contains almost any apps to full fill your requirement, and the best thing is the app store is for both android and iOS users. Furthermore, here also you don’t need jailbreaking or rooting it works well without it. If we talk about its UI and performance then its also an amazing, Pretty simple user interface with secured apps.

TUTU third party app store

Apart from that, in the free version of the app store, you will get almost any apps but if you are looking for high paid apps for free then tutu app store also provides its premium version in which you will get almost any unique paid apps or rare apps in it. So if you are fond of paid apps then choosing a tutu premium option is the best one for you.

Download: TUTU (Free)

4. Amazon App Store

I am sure, most of you don’t know about the amazon app store. But it’s true, amazon also runs its app store like google play store where it provides a plethora of unique and unavailable apps for all the categories including popular apps and itself amazon product apps. But, like third-party app store which also contains unlegal apps, here amazon app store doesn’t provide these types of apps in their store.

Apart from that, if we talk about its UI and working then it’s pretty awesome, you will get the new user interface that you might like if you get bored with play store UI. So if you are the one who is looking for a replacement of app store then the amazon app store is also the best you can use.

Amazon App Store

Download: Amazon App Store (Free)

5. Getjar

Founded in 2004, GetJar is one of the biggest libraries of apps, whether you want cracked apps or any usual app, it is impossible that you can’t find the desired app on it. And the best thing is you can easily download the app for both platform android & iOS without jailbreak, Furthermore, here you will also find some paid apps free of cost.

The app store contains apps from every category, for instance, game, messaging, social, entertainment, finance, food, and much more. Being an oldest third party app store you can also trust it to download any apps that you want. So overall if you are not getting a good response from your inbuilt app store then I recommend you move to Getjar.

Getjar third party app store

Download: GetJar (Free)

6. APK Mirror

Looking for a trusted third-party app store for android & iOS? Want a plethora of versions of apps? If Yes! then here is one of the most popular and ultimate app store website where you will find your favorite apps for sure. The best thing that I like in APK Mirror is here you will also get the beta version of apps before release and also get the latest update whenever it gets.

Apart from that, most of time we want an older update apk it might latest bug issue or problem but it’s not possible in the play store or apple app store to get. And where the apk mirror works well, here you will also get all of those versions. Isn’t it awesome? Hence, if you are a guy who doesn’t like the official app store to install apps, then I recommend you go with apk mirror, it UI is great, works well, and has every app that required.

APK Mirror third party app store

Download: APK Mirror (Free)

7. Browser Cam

Looking for a third party app-store website for your PC or MAC? If yes, then here is the browser cam that provides an app only for PC to run on emulator. In the market there are a plethora of app stores that are available for android & iOS devices and to be honest, those apps did not work well on the PC system. But don’t worry here is the amazing third party app-store website through which you can download any apps for your laptop, it contains tons of apps including various categories from gaming to social.

Browser Cam third party app store

Apart from that, browser cam also provides user a banned & restricted app to install on their PC and it work flawlessly. Hence, if you are the one who’s a requirement not full fill by the official app store then I suggest you install your apks from browser cam.

Download: Browser Cam (Free)

8. APK Pure

APK Pure is another leading third-party app store that provide apps for android OS. If you are looking for an app particular rare apk then apk pure is another best third party app store that you should look. Here the app store contains tons of new & old versions of app. Just like apk mirror, Another reason to use apk pure is its clean User interface design and systematic navigation.

Furthermore, here also you will get to look for various category options and latest new apps are updated on a daily basis. So If you have fond to use newly updated apps by just release of it then APK Pure is another great place you can look.

APK Pure third party app store

Download: APK Pure (Free)

9. iOS Heaven

Looking for a third-party iOS app store? Yes! then here is the newly launched website where it provides over 1000 plus useful apps, for instance, hacked games, cracked apps, and much more without any jailbreak. So if you are looking for some particular app that is not available on the official app store then I suggest you to visit iOS heaven and look for your desired one.

iOS Heaven third party app store

Download: iOS Heaven (Free)

10. Cydia

Here is another third-party app store for iOS but this application needs to jailbreak. To be honest, Cydia is one of the most useful app stores for every iOS user, but to use you have to sacrifice your iPhone privacy, Moreover, the app holds tons of jailbroken apps with cracked versions that help you to use paid apps in free of cost. Apart from that, the UI of Cydia is congested but who cares when you will get the app that you are looking from a while in free. Overall, Cydia is another free third party app store that provides lots of useful apps.

Cydia  third party app store

Download: Cydia (Free)

11. App Cake

Want more cracked apps on iOS devices without jailbreak? If yes! then here is another most useful third-party app store for iOS devices. The app store contains a plethora of cracked apps that you can use on your apple device, Furthermore, the app cake is available in a various iOS platform such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple T.v. With that, it also has tons of apps in various different categories.

Apart from that, here in the app cake, you will also get the latest arrived apps, tweaks apps, and the most popular one also. So Overall, the collection of cracked apps is ultimate but not guaranteed for security so beware and use on your terms.

App Cake third party app store

Download: App Cake (Free)

12. Emus4u

Here is another option of a third-party app store for iOS devices. No need to jailbreak, nor need apple Id. Emus4u is an amazing app store that provides various types of apps to install and use on your iPhone. If we talk about its UI then it’s an approx copy of apple store. Clean UI with perfect categorization. So if the above third party app store is not enough for you then you can also go with the Emus4u app store.

Emus4u third party app store

Download: Emus4u (Free)

Bonus : In Third-Party App Stores

13. APK Updator

We all have tons of apps on our devices and sometimes you might get frustrated to manage all these in terms of updating to the latest version, For this problem I have a solution for you. Here is the app named as apk updator that isn’t an app store but it is an amazing app that helps you to update your existing app in mere times. Apart from that, the app has a clean UI and fast working features so you don’t have to go in-app store every time. Herewith this app just one click all the apps will updated to the latest version. Overall If you are a smartphone user then apk updator is the most needed app that you should use.

APK Updator

Download: APK Updator (Free)

14. Samsung Galaxy App Store

Here is another app store only for Samsung device users, It’s an inbuilt app that provides a user with lots of unique apps and manageable options. Well, to be honest, this app store does not contain too many apps like google play store or any other third party app store. But due to its clean design UI and some popular apps contain it also works well for Samsung users. Overall you can say its an underground useless app store on the list.

Galaxy App Store

Download: Samsung Galaxy App Store (Free)

♠ So-Called Mentions ♠

No doubt, there are plenty more best third party app stores are available for android & iOS but to mention all of those are not required, But due to knowing what are those apps here I compiled a quick list of those apps & websites that might provide some great value to you if you think.

  • Opera App Store
  • Slide me
  • AC Market
  • XDA Developers

Best Third-party App Stores To Download iOS & Android Apps

These were the ultimate list of free and paid 3rd party apps that you can use if you don’t found your desired apps in the official app store, Above apps contains various different features, for instance, some app store provides you a cracked of any paid apps and other one have tons of free apps version to download. So choose wisely and securely, If is there any query you want to ask or any more app store that you want to add in the list then feel free to comment below.

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