They’ll never find me here voice in Elden Ring

by Kirti Rajput

If you go to Fort Laiedd’s roof, you’ll hear a mysterious voice saying, “They’ll never find me here.” But if you look around you won’t see anyone. Who is behind that mysterious voice that teases people who play the Elden Ring?

Who is speaking in Fort Laiedd?

The ghost who keeps saying “They’ll never find me” in Fort Laiedd is hiding on a wooden platform along the inner walls of the fort. If you go to the northwest corner of the fort, the voice will be much easier to hear. Even the strange ghost can be talked to.

They’ll never find me Location Fort Laiedd Mt. Gelmir ELDEN RING

To get to the ghost, you have to jump over the wall at the top of the fort and land on the wooden platform. The Fire Scorpian Charm talisman will be close to the ghost.

The ghost keeps saying that no one will be able to take the talisman away from him. But that’s not true; you can learn it quickly.

The ghost’s main job is to get your attention and lead you to the Fire Scorpian Charm talisman.

It can be used to make fire damage 12 percent stronger in solo mode. The talisman also makes it take 10% more damage from physical attacks.

In multiplayer mode, the Fire Scorpian Charm talisman increases damage from magic by 8% and increases damage from physical attacks by 15%.

The spirit from Fort Laiedd is part of the group from Volcano Manor. It’s not clear if Volcano Manor’s enemies killed him or if his own tribe turned on him.

He doesn’t talk much though. Soon after you talk to him, he will stop talking. His voice lines are:

The poor fools… I’ll never be found. Heh, heh, I swear I’ll make it. I’ll be back at the Volcano Manor in a short time.

Did you find the ghost from Fort Laiedd who doesn’t have a name and get the Fire Scorpian Charm talisman?