Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Soundtrack, Every Song of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

by Rajitha Reddy

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Soundtrack: Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is full to the brim with Final Fantasy songs from the series’ huge collection. That’s more than 40 different games, including original mainline games, comments, spin-offs, and even CDs with music from the games. But what songs do we know for sure so far?

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line songs

The thing is, Square Enix hasn’t officially announced the new Theatrhythm Final Bar Line song list yet, but we do know some of the songs from the trailer, screenshots, and Square Enix’s official blog post.

There will be about 500 songs in total, 385 of which will be in the base game. The bonus tracks will only be available in digital deluxe editions and as DLC.

Here are all the confirmed songs for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line that we know of so far, including songs from other Square Enix games. We’ll add new songs as we get them:

  1. Final Fantasy’s “Opening Theme” “Eternal Wind” from “Final Fantasy III”
  2. Final Fantasy V: Battle on the Big Bridge; Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale; Final Fantasy VI: One-Winged Angel: Decisive Battle; One-Winged Angel – Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Hollow – Final Fantasy VII Remake
  3. Final Fantasy VII Remake J-E-N-O-V-A – Quickening
  4. Final Fantasy VIII’s Eyes on Me
  5. Not Alone – Final Fantasy IX
  6. Melodies of Life—Final Fantasy IX
  7. Zanarkand – Final Fantasy X
  8. Isn’t It Wonderful? (Suteki Da Ne) – Final Fantasy X
  9. Final Fantasy XIII: Blinded by Light
  10. Final Fantasy XIV: Torn from the Heavens
  11. Triumph – Final Fantasy XIV
  12. Final Fantasy XIV: Who Brings Shadow
  13. Final Fantasy XV: Veiled in Black
  14. Final Fantasy Type-0: “We Have Come”
  15. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition: Sound of the Wind
  16. Song of the Ancients/Fate – NieR:Decidive Battle II – Octopath Traveler
  17. Chrono Trigger’s Corridors of Time
  18. Legend of Mana: Domina’s home town
  19. Ardent Rhythm – Romantic “Minstrel Song” by SaGa

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