The Terminal List Soundtrack: Every Episode songs

by Narendra

Here are the The Terminal List Soundtrack from every episode of series. In the world of movies and TV, music is often very important because the right licensed song or cinematic score can make each scene feel just right. For a tense thriller like the new one on Prime Video, that’s still a big deal, especially since the series has a lot of badass rock songs to go with the action scenes.

But what songs are on The Terminal List’s soundtrack, and who wrote the music for the show? No worry here are the all songs from the terminal list.

The Terminal List Soundtrack: Popular

On Friday, July 1, 2022, The Terminal List was quickly available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

The television series is based on the best-selling novel written by Jack Carr and follows Lieutenant Commander James Reece after he returns home after participating in a covert Navy SEALs mission during which his entire platoon was ambushed.

Upon his return, Reece is confronted with memories of the events that have diverged and questions that continue to be raised about his role in the mission that was unsuccessful.

However, as more evidence comes to light, Reece realizes that he is at the center of a sinister plot and that an adversary whose identity he does not know is plotting against him. This puts not only his life but also the lives of his family and friends in jeopardy.

The Terminal List Soundtrack: Each and every songs of The Terminal List Series

The first episode of The Terminal List introduces a plethora of badass songs that will accompany James Reece throughout his journey toward becoming a badass. The following songs are some of those that appear on the soundtrack for the series:

Episode 1 | The Engram

Episode 2 | Encoding

Episode 3 | Consolidation

Episode 4 | Detachment

Episode 6 | Transience

Episode 7 | Extinction

Episode 8 | Reclamation