The most expensive VIP meet-and-greet ticket for Bow Wow costs $1000

by Ami Dalsania

VIP meet-and-greet ticket for Bow Wow costs $1000: Fans who want to meet Bow Wow and talk to him in person can buy tickets to his meet-and-greet.

There are three different packages with different prices that give you the chance to spend time with the rapper.

The cheapest package, Gold, costs $150 and gives fans the chance to meet the 35-year-old rapper in person and take a picture with him. Along with the VIP T-shirt, they also get a souvenir VIP laminate and lanyard.

The Platinum package, on the other hand, ends up costing $400 and gives fans the chance to meet Bow Wow in person as well as attend his Pre-Show VIP Lounge Party.

The one that has gotten a lot of attention on Twitter is the Diamond package. It costs $1000, and fans can talk to the rapper for 30 to 45 minutes. They can also go to the VIP Lounge Party before the show.

Check out Bow Wow’s three meet and greet packages right here.

Bow Wow’s $1000 ticket spread on Twitter

When people on Twitter heard about Bow Wow’s $1000 ticket, they had a lot to say about it.

One fan wrote, “Not Bow Wow charging $1k for a meet and greet.”

Another fan said, “Lil Bow Wow charging $1000 for a meet and greet in 2022 is crazy, and I thought it was a joke when I saw it.”

“Bow Wow, you’d better pay me $1,000 for a meet and greet. “It’ll be the best money advice he’s ever gotten,” joked someone else on Twitter.

Bow Wow got a lot of bad press, but there were a few fans who stood up for him.

Bow Wow Rapper Responds on twitter

As people talked more and more about Bow Wow’s $1000 ticket, the rapper went on Twitter to shut down the haters.

“My meet n greets begin at 150$. You guys are only telling us about the diamond package. Stop acting like you want to meet me. You can choose from one of three packages. “READ BEFORE YOU GUYS START POSTING STUFF ON THESE BLOGS,” he wrote in a tweet.

Bow Wow continued, “You see, even when I’m just chilling, doing my own thing, and staying off the Internet, THEY STILL HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ME. One week it’s “Bow Wow sells out the O2 Arena, he’s a goat,” and the next it’s “Who wants to meet him for $1k?”