The Menu Cheeseburger Explained

by Narendra

The Menu Cheeseburger Explained: Now that the movie is on Disney+, it’s time to find out how all the characters got there and, more importantly, why Slowik did what he did to kill people.

In the beginning of The Menu, Margot (Joy) and Tyler (Hoult) are about to get on a private yacht to go to Slowik’s restaurant on a private island. However, they aren’t the only guests for this special evening.

The Menu Cheeseburger Explained

Slowik cooks the meal to Erin/exacting Margot’s standards and brings it to her himself. She takes a bite and then asks for it to be taken away, saying that maybe her eyes were bigger than her stomach.

Slowik, who was amused by her tricks, gave her a take-out box, and Margot left with one last nod from Anne. She runs away on the coast guard boat while s’mores are being made in the restaurant. The floor is covered with crushed graham crackers, chocolate hats and marshmallow capes are given to the guests, and the restaurant is set on fire.

The Menu Cheeseburger Explained

Erin/Margot eats the cheeseburger and watches the fire roar from the safety of the boat. We know it makes us really want a cheeseburger, but what does it mean in the movie?

It all comes back to why Slowik is killing his guests and himself (as well as all of his staff, who have bought into his deadly concept).

The food critic and her editor were invited because of her role in the food-criticism world. The finance bros were invited because they had financial ties to the restaurant. The actor and his assistant were invited because he was trying to start a food show. The older couple were invited because they didn’t like his food, and Tyler was invited because of his foodie-self-aggrandizement.

The cheeseburger is a reminder for Slowik of why he started cooking and how he fell in love with it. The simple act of making something for someone who really appreciates it, without any bells and whistles, fuss, or frills.

For another chef, the Proustian dish could be a bowl of ramen or a crepe. For another professional, it could be a simple sketch or the outline of a haiku. For an actor, it could be a rain machine.

Erin/Margot figures out Slowik’s reason for killing before he tells her. Since she isn’t part of the elite clientele, she is able to use his lost passion and nostalgia for it to her advantage.