The Lunar Shift, a new Xbox controller, has been leaked online

by Ami Dalsania

The name of a new Xbox controller, “Lunar Shift,” got out on the Internet. A lot of gamers think that the Xbox controller is one of the best on the market. Whether this is true or not, Microsoft has taken advantage of how much gamers like its accessories.

From the first Xbox to the Series X/S, Microsoft has given fans a lot of choices when it comes to the controllers they want to use, either by adding new features or making whole new models.

Because there are so many designs and models, sometimes leakers or websites like Amazon show off Microsoft’s newest controllers before they are ready to be shown off. In July, a white version of the new Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 was shared online by a Twitter user who got it before anyone else. Then, Amazon leaked the date when the new Elite Series controller would come out, even before Xbox had said anything about it.

Lunar Shift, a new Xbox controller, has been leaked online

Now, Amazon is said to have leaked information about an Xbox controller again, this time showing a completely new design. The new Xbox controller is called Lunar Shift. It was first spotted by Twitter user EspiaDeOfertas.

It doesn’t have the same design as the new Xbox Elite Series controller, but it does have some interesting features that fans might be interested in.

The Lunar Shift controller looks like it might be gold at first, but the product description says that it changes color in response to light and movement. Some parts won’t have this “surreal shimmer” color change, like the white buttons and thumbsticks, but this is still a unique design.

The Xbox Lunar Shift controller also has a space theme. Its textured grips have a swirling design that looks almost like a nebula or a small galaxy.

As of this writing, Xbox hasn’t confirmed that the Lunar Shift exists, but if this is anything like another recently leaked controller, fans could soon find out when they can get their hands on this space-themed accessory. Recently, information about the Xbox Mineral Camo controller got out before Xbox confirmed it officially a day later.

The Lunar Shift controller doesn’t look like it’s based on any other Xbox controller design. On the other hand, the Mineral Camo controller is the fourth in the Xbox Camo series.

It’s blue and has a purple and aqua camouflage pattern. Fans can also buy controllers that look like games along with these original Xbox designs. Microsoft recently gave away a custom Deathloop Xbox Series X and controller to celebrate the game being added to Game Pass.