The invitation Ending 2022 Explained

by Narendra

The invitation Ending: In its first hour, “The Invitation” builds up beautifully. Evie is a nice girl who has lost her parents and only has one friend. She is thrown into a world of excess, charming English men, and the occasional microaggression that many people of color in mostly White spaces know. But Walter is so charming and a perfect British dreamboat that it’s easy to understand why Evie likes him.

This is why it’s a shame that the twist that Walter is a vampire and a few others are shown in the trailer. This makes the reveal pointless, since you already knew what was going to happen from the trailer.

So, all the build-up is almost for nothing because you’re waiting for Evie to find out that she’s with bad people who want to do her harm. Here is the The invitation horror movie 2022 ending explained.

The invitation Ending 2022 Explained

We both know that Evie wasn’t really going to die.

The invitation Ending

Once more, the trailer shows that. But “The Invitation” is especially bad because it doesn’t make up for everything that was shown in the trailer.

Instead, things get worse after that.

Even though we hear a lot about how strong vampires are, Evie gets to go, Rambo, which makes the movie even less interesting than it could have been.

Add that “The Invitation” tries to set up a sequel that I can’t imagine anyone wanting? It’s hard to think that someone way overguessed how interesting this movie would be.

On The Fence

You don’t get much information about Walter, vampires, or most of what happens in the Carfax Estate. In “The Invitation,” we learn that sunlight doesn’t hurt the vampires.

This is one of the few rules that most vampire stories have in common, but we don’t find out anything else that is true besides how to kill a vampire. Because of this, there isn’t much history, even about where Walter came from.

Along with that, we learn about Walter’s relationship with Evie’s family and other families, but again, Walter only tells people what they need to know.

We’ve been told that their blood has something special, but how did he find out about them? Never mind. How many wives has he lost in his uncounted centuries of life? It doesn’t say that.

Now, would it have made “The Invitation” better if it had answered all these questions? It’s hard to say. It might have made the second half of the movie easier to understand, but there were other problems that could have been added.

Through Lucy, you can see an alternative way that Evie could have been given a reason to like vampires less. But Lucy isn’t used in this way, so the movie is too simple and doesn’t seem to want to be hard to understand.