The Great feature of TOF Sensor in the Honor View20 Power

by Narendra

As we know in the last month huge event is organized where we know about Honor View20 power how great design and its TOF sensor so in this article I will tell you some amazing facts of TOF sensor.

How TOF sensor Works ?

TOF which works is unique It is based on the speed of light where it measures the distance of two objects and with the laser light, it can check the depth which will measure in frames rates to make 3d tracking system.

It will measure the high depth measuring capacity with faster refresh rate. It’s not something like which we have seen in the iPhone X But in that the camera depth is low but in TOF sensor that is different.

What’s New in TOF Sensor?

In Honor view20 pro with TOF sensor, we can do live tracking in 3d to create an augmented virtual reality which seems more interesting. Honor view20 pro gives us a more advance feature with different technology.

Here Some great things and feature :

3D gaming :

Honor is made the first smartphone which gives us a 3d gaming. It’s not like the normal 3D game in phone It makes the virtual reality which can capture the position and body movement in the real-time using body mapping. Honor made a new gaming reality which you will experience a new world while playing the game.

The game is using 3D TOF sensor to tracking the person and measure the movement to show in the virtual reality.

Honor gives us a gaming dock where we can put our phone to make it stable and we have the option to connect the phone with different devices to increase our gaming experience.

AR Dancing :

In the AR dancing honor view20 pro, it will use the 3D TOF sensor which will help us to track the dancing movement with the use of application of magic AR.

With the TOF sensor, we have many options to change the character and also to record that movement in the app and we also have the option to share that recording with friends.

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