The Cycle Frontier Best Weapons [ Hidden ]

by Anchal Thakur

Here is the complete details of The Cycle Frontier Best Weapons. Yager Development made and released The Cycle: Frontier, a first-person shooter video game set in the year 2022.

Yager calls this game a “competitive quest shooter” and gives it the cross-genre name “PvEvP,” which stands for “player versus environment versus player.”

The Cycle Frontier is a video game that was made in 2022. It is a PvEvP game where the main goal is to shoot the enemies.

In this game, you have to fight against both the environment and other players. If you want to scavenge and fight against all the obstacles, you might need the best weapons, which makes the game more mysterious and suspicious.

In this blog, you will find a list of the best guns and weapons in the game The Cycle Frontier. These will help you fight both the environment and other players.

Cycle Frontier Best Weapons

The Voltaic Brute SMG, C-36 Bolt Action Rifle, ICA Guarantee LMG, KM-9 Scrapper SMG, ASP Flechette Gun, Kinetic Arbiter DMG, AR 55 Autorifle, Hammer Revolver, and KBR Longshot are the best weapons in Cycle Frontier.

Top Cycle Frontier Weapons

C-36 Bolt Action Rifle

The C-36 Bolt Action Rifle is one of the toughest sniper rifles, and each shot does more base damage. It lets you hit an enemy in the head with a single shot if they have low armor.

The C-36 Bolt Action Rifle is less expensive and works very well. Since it’s a powerful sniper rifle, you need to be quick at aiming and putting the gun in the right place to kill your enemies quickly and effectively.

The Voltaic Brute SMG

The Voltaic Brute SMG is very accurate and has a fast rate of fire. You can aim in the general direction of the target, and the gun will do the rest since it doesn’t lose damage over time.

It’s also easy to equip because it’s cheap and simple. So, it’s the best gun in The Cycle Frontier’s stash that you can use to kill your enemies.

KM-9 Scrapper SMG

The KM-9 Scrapper SMG has a very high rate of fire, but in order to hit an enemy, you have to be very close to them.

The scrapper is one of the cheapest weapons in The Cycle Frontier stash, and its recoil is easy to control. It’s also a great deal considering how well it works.

ICA Guarantee LMG

The ICA Guarantee LMG has a fast rate of fire, high damage, a large magazine capacity, and armor penetration, but it doesn’t hit very well.

The ICA Guarantee LMG can help you quickly kill enemies. It was made so that it works well in both PvE and PvP modes.

It’s a heavy machine gun that makes a very loud noise, which could kill you in the game if you’re trying to hide from the enemy.

ASP Flechette Gun

Similar to the Voltaic Brute SMG, the ASP Flechette Gun has the best price-to-performance ratio of all the guns in The Cycle Frontier game.

The ASP Flechette Gun has a good rate of fire and little recoil that can be controlled after a few uses.

Kinetic Arbiter DMG

Kinetic Arbiter DMG is a fairly well-balanced sniper rifle that has a high rate of fire, can break through armor, and does a lot of damage.

Kinetic Arbiter DMG is the best weapon to use against enemies with low armor. You have to be very careful about where you stand when you’re trying to attack your enemy, because it has a very visible tracer that could make you easy for your enemy to see.

AR 55 Autorifle

AR 55 Autorifle is a standard automatic rifle that has a high rate of fire, does a lot of damage, and goes deep into the enemy.

You can shoot the enemy from a long, medium, or close distance with the AR 55 Autorifle, making it one of the best guns in The Cycle Frontier game. You can punch the enemy right after you shoot them to stop them from attacking back.

Hammer Revolver

The Hammer Revolver is a revolver that can kill an enemy with just two shots. The best thing about Hammer Revolver is that it comes with a silencer that lets you kill your enemy without them knowing.

The Hammer Revolver doesn’t come with a scope, which makes it hard to shoot from far away. You can only shoot far away if you have perfect aim and skill.

KBR Longshot

The KBR Longshot is like a hammer revolver, but it can also be used to shoot at long distances.

KBR Longshot comes with a good scope that lets you aim and kill people from a long way away. It also works well at mid-range, but it is not as good as the hammer revolver at close range.

Wrapping up: The Cycle Frontier Guns

The Cycle Frontier game is all about shooting enemies in a PvEvP environment. For this, you can use various weapons or guns to mow down the enemies. 

The best weapons that have been mentioned in this blog are categorized as they have got best performance ratio and great qualities.

Some of the best weapons that can be used in The Cycle Frontier game are the KBR longshot, Hammer revolver,  Kinetic arbiter DMG, Voltauc brute SMG, etc.