The Best Movesets for Blaziken in Pokemon Go

by Narendra

Want to know the best movesets for Blaziken in pokemon go and how to beat it in Pokemon Go? Blaziken is a Pokémon with two types, Fire and Fighting. Because of this, it can’t be hurt by attacks that use Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Dark, or Insect. From this, we can tell that Blaziken is a powerful Pokemon that can help against a lot of different opponents.

But Blaziken has many other weak points. Attacks from the air, the ground, water, and the mind do more damage to Blaziken. The best movesets will help Blaziken make up for a lot of its weaknesses.

But there are some counters who are better than Blaziken despite everything and can easily beat him. And in our guide, we’ll tell you all about the best way to use Blaziken’s moves and how to beat it.

Best Movesets and Counters for Blaziken

Blaziken has a lot of powerful moves because he is a Fighting and Fire type. Every moveset is useful against a certain opponent, but there are a few that are better:

  • Counter and Blast Burn
  • Fire Spin and Blast Burn
  • Counter and Overheat
  • Fire Spin and Blast Burn

This is not the full list of movesets, but these four work best against different types of opponents. But keep in mind that Blaziken is a very powerful Pokémon. So don’t spend too much time looking for a Blaziken with these movesets.

The Best Counters for Blaziken in Pokemon Go

Even though Blaziken has powerful abilities, it’s not hard to get a few for your collection.

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Blaziken is the third evolution of a very common Pokémon called Torchic. You will get the required number of sweets after a few days. You can also meet Combusken or Blaziken and catch them. These Pokemon are not very rare, but they are strong.

Blaziken is easy to get and has a high DPS, so you will run into him a lot in the Gym and have to fight him a lot.